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  1. Who didn't pick the Panthers!  Where's my pitchfork!
  2. Cam Defenders

    I'm not saying it would happen.  I highly doubt he would regress.  I'm saying IF it happened.  
  3. It's already started with Johnny Manziel.  The phrase "what if Cam Newton did this" is becoming a meme.  It won't address any societal problems.  It'll just be used for parody.  They'll be saying it on Saturday Night Live soon.  It'll be a joke before long.  
  4. Showing the video of Gronk and saying "what if Cam Newton did this" is the very definition of being used as a straw-man.  We need to stop doing that.  Or "what if Cam Newton did this" becomes part of his legacy. He's a lot more than that.    
  5. Cam Defenders

    Okay.  I don't think this would happen, but let's say next year Cam turns into Colin Kaepernick.  I don't want to see people on this board ripping him to shreds.  You guys made your bed and you are 100% all in on Cam.  So if he has a bad season next year don't let me catch any of you ripping him at all.    
  6. So we just keep doing this forever?  This is now Cam Newton's legacy.  Being used as a straw-man for every indiscretion among white NFL players?  What a legacy!  I think even Cam would get tired of this "dialogue."  
  7. Cam Defenders

    So Cam is a perfect QB in every way possible?  There is absolutely nothing you can say critical of him without being labeled a hater?   
  8. Cam Defenders

     Thanks for your input.  
  9. Cam Defenders

    I hate you people :)
  10. Cam Defenders

    Could you guys, maybe, just ease up a little.  Not everything is a slight against Cam Newton's character.  People should be allowed to be critical of Cam without feeling like the mob is going to shout them down with words like "hater" or "racist."  So everyone just relax a little and enjoy your QB and the Super Bowl.  
  11. What makes the Huddle so special?

    The podcast, oh wait.  
  12. Media Fatigue...

    Tired of Cam Newton defenders and critics.  Both of you guys SHUT UP!
  13. When is the "what if Cam did that" stuff going to stop?  Because it's getting old.    
  14. Brad Hoover: "The Patriots Cheated"

      Yep, but nobody brings that up anymore.  
  15. Voth gets hijacked by JJ Jansen

    I should have put quotes around "jocks"