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  1. Sucks, he's just trying to extend his career at this point. For how long, we'll see.
  2. Can we close this pointless thread already?
  3. If Cam practiced then there's nothing to worry about.
  4. Lions claim Brad Kaaya

    Hurney is an idiot. How a reporter became GM is beyond me.
  5. Facebook Live. Not good good enough for network air time?
  6. ZOMG! CMC iz uh BUZT!!

    Excellent post. Our run scheme needs to go back to basics until they can more comfortable. Not even Barry Sanders could run behind this O-line right now.
  7. Sanchez back, along with new lb

    I always liked Sanchez, I think he should be given a chance.
  8. No way does he catch Vick and I don't care if he does. He willl hopefully put up better passing numbers and win us a super bowl.
  9. You think catching screens and quick passes is easy? Just ask Jonathan Stewart. CMC is a weapon and a big reason we're 4:2
  10. Too much baggage, not going to happen. Plus he wants to get the ball which is why he wants to be traded. Who would you take the snaps from?
  11. FFS this concussion stuff sucks
  12. Too mich baggage, not going to happen. Plus he wants to get the ball. Who would you take the snaps from?
  13. Even in 2015, our run scheme sucked and we depended too much on Cam. Stewart didn't even reach 1,000 yards that year. But Thursday night was a new low and something has to change. They are running a zone scheme that has become easy to shut down. We need to go back to more power running. Hopefully if we get Kalil back at center it may stabilize the o line.