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  1. Who made the decision?

    You guys do realize that the Head Coach hears the play calls and can veto any decision, right? If Ron wanted them to go soft, they would be.
  2. If he balls out the next 3 games and averages 80 yards receiving per game he can still hit $1,000 yards which would be impressive considering he was our #2 for half of the season.
  3. I would take the wild card match up against the Rams in that joke of a college stadium and their soft LA fanbase in a heartbeat.
  4. Give it up for Wilks!

    Our LBs are looking suspect in coverage though.
  5. On NFL network this morning. Basically said the Panthers offense is too gimmicky and won't be able to consistently move the ball against the Vikings defense without a more traditional offense. Then he said we were never traditional even when he was playing under RR and that's why he was fired by Gettleman.
  6. Sorry I looked to see if it was posted before. That is what I noticed too, like they're bored out of their minds.
  7. First, congrats to Olsen for the WPMOY nomination. What else did you notice in this video?
  8. If Kamara is out next week, it's not given that the Saints beat the Jets. I am worried about the Falcons getting hot though. I hope TB can somehow upset them at home.
  9. Falcons beat the Saints and play them again soon. Here we go, if we win out we can still win the division.
  10. Nobody could run behind this offensive line and run scheme.
  11. At the risk of being a prisoner of the moment, Kamara looks like the best back in the NFL to me. He has a perfect combination of size, speed, power, and runs like a madman. I love CMC but Kamara is a better RB.
  12. I'm a believer. Defense will be out for redemption
  13. There are open receivers on both of those plays. Offensive line has to block and Cam needs to make the throws.
  14. Means we're due for a W.
  15. He was one of our best players in this game. PFF had him as our second best defender this game behind Worley. I guess I am just accustomed to him being better in pass coverage and not allowing those balls over the top between the LBs and the secondary.