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  1. #73 Thomas Davis #25 Cam Newton Luke is probably the last one on the list Other comments : Mark Ingram doesn't belong in the top 100. They use him well but I just don't believe he's that good. Especially over Leonard Fournette. JJ Watt plunged down the rankings
  2. Agreed, I've never been a bit Captain fan. Definitely not for that much.
  3. Zanekin

    ESPN projections

    The Dolphins have no business in the AFC East It just makes too much sense for the NFL. They have 8 division games use one of the other 8 games to play your rival. The current setup is terrible.
  4. Zanekin

    ESPN projections

    Let's make it geographical as best as we can Falcons / Bucs / Dolphins / Jags Panthers / Redskins / Bengals / Titans Cardinals / Cowboys / Texans / Saints Rams / Raiders / Chargers / 49ers Seahawks / Broncos / Chiefs / Vikings Packers / Bears / Lions / Colts Browns / Steelers / Ravens / Eagles Bills / Jets / Giants / Patriots
  5. Sign Dez Bryant and Tre Boston Why not lol
  6. I'm a little drunk so I might be misremembering I see posts about filling needs but I feel like we spent the entire last few rounds drafting inside linebackers... A random running back would have been dope
  7. Zanekin

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    I do like me some CAP
  8. Zanekin

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    Bo Scarbrough in the 7th made more sense than a 7th round linebacker
  9. I'm sorry but that's concerning. You know the goal is usually to try and find the guys who can do it all...
  10. It would be fascinating. He'd trade them all back to next year for a grand total of... 15 6th round picks. We'd have some kick ass special teams.
  11. If you want bigger Hand could be a solid talent
  12. Sweat and Marcus Allen?
  13. Josh Sweat should be pick #1 tomorrow