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  1. Top Roster Questions at each position

    Thanks After just now watching Cliffs exit interview - we will HAVE to disagree.. he stresses that we are a 4 and out team (4 shooters around a big man down low). He took a lot of time to talk about how we were out rebounded badly in all of our losses to MIA. "It was the main reason, not the shooting" - Cliff's words. He also talked about how Al's knee just wasn't healthy all season and that he still thought he had a great year = I call BS on that and that Cliff was just talking him up. Cliff mentioned he wasn't what he was 2 years ago [which seems like forever]. Charles Barkley once said, "As an aging NBA player - You don't get healthier. You get old and die." We all love Al and what he has done for us but he is done in my opinion and Cliff knows that he will never be the guy he was 2 years ago. Now, where we disagree is that Cho won't shell out the coin to get Batum and Howard here. I disagree because that flexibility-talk was for when we sucked. We wanted flexibility to be able to make a potential medium/big move. This is the big move. You don't waste the chance to get Dwight so you can maintain flexibility. You strike! Kemba, Batum and Howard will be huge. Besides, MJ has started to force his way back into Cho's office I think. He isn't the full blown captain of the ship we all thought he was a year or 2 ago.
  2. Post a pic, any pic.

  3. Post a pic, any pic.

    is it an old soda can lid?
  4. #1 SF: With Batum going into FA - Will a MAX contract be enough to keep him here? In the outgoing interview he mentioned unfinished business and that he was happy with his role on the team. With MKG coming back, Batum could be interested to see how it all shakes out and slide back to SG. I think he wants to really and truly compete for a ring and might jump ship - but he said he'd give us the first shot at signing him. The market on SFs: LINK [Bazemore, Deng and Jeff Green are others worth mentioning of Batum leaves.] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #2 C: The grand-daddy of them all - Do we keep Al on a friendly contract or throw MAX money at Whiteside AND/OR Howard? I believe we FIRST try to get Whiteside away from Miami but he won't leave I'm sure. SECOND we will probably offer a MAX to Howard - I hope the way the season ended in Houston gave us enough leverage to not Have to offer MAX money- but I'm sure that's what it would take. The market on Cs: LINK [Festus Ezeli, Ian Mahinmi and BIZ are other options.] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #3 Backup PG: Lin will most definitely opt out, but does he absolutely NEED to be retained?? The team didn't lose much when Lin came in off the bench - he controlled the O and was great at drawing fouls. He also brings in the Chinese attention and $$$. For a small market team - it's a no brainer. I think Lin found a home here - he has been the whipping boy on so many other teams. Besides, the market for backup PGs is mediocre at best: LINK [Ty Lawson, Mo Williams and Chalmers are other backup options.] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #4 SG: With Courtney Lee going into FA - Will he be willing to come back OR run off to a title contender? I think he would only stay if we offered him a decent contract, however our #1 priority will be to lock up Batum first. He would have to wait until we address Batum, Lin and the vacancy at Center. If Batum were to come back and slide to SG (making room for MKG at SF), Lee will probably be good as gone. The market on SGs: LINK [Eric Gordon, OJ Mayo and Kevin Martin are others.] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #5 PF: There are 2 PFs worth looking at - Horford & Gasol - If we can't sign either, does Marvin headline our PF list? Marvin has already stated he wants to come back as well. Even though he had a career year - This gives us a lot of leverage when discussing a deal. I don't see this not working out. However, by the time Batum/Lin/Center position get dealt with - the money could be all gone. Frank seemed to come around late in the season as well - which might make Marvin expendable. The market on PFs: LINK [Ryan Anderson is the only other worth mentioning but he hasn't been healthy in years.] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When all is said and done - I think we will have re-signed Batum and Howard to MAX contracts - Lin to about $6 mil @ year - Marvin to about $5 mil @ year - Courtney Lee walks. We will have to make room my unloading Hawes and cutting Harrison. Jordan hasn't been afraid to spend $$$ on the proper players. Batum is a given and if we have the chance to add Howard - we have to bring him in. Kemba/Batum/Howard might not be CP3/Blake/DeAndre but it isn't bad by any means - and in the East, we could give the Cavs a good series. PG - Kemba, Lin SG - Batum, Lamb SF - MKG, FA PF - Marvin, Frank C - Howard, Zeller
  5. Dave Gettleman...Thug Life...Enjoy

    LMAO... HAHAHA.. the best Thug Life vid I have seen to date
  6. Garrett > Funchess?

    i don't know anything, but Gman had a 1st Rnd grade on Funch.. he let Garrett slide undrafted for some reason.. my bet is it was for a good reason
  7. Agreed.. This made me miss him but still want him to beat Odell's ass 2x next year.. Go get em Jno 24!
  8. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    if he had any skill in coverage - he wouldn't have gone undrafted.. his highlight reels are sick he must be an absolute waste in coverage in the NFL
  9. Game 7

    i think the first round of the NBA playoffs should be best out of 5 - best out of 7 will always allow the better team to advance- thats why we lost.. 7 game series always make sure the bigger/better teams move on - hence the NCAA tourney and NFL playoffs with sudden death elimination games so intriguing.. a weaker team can have that one shining moment and advance. Let's get real - we were not as good of a team as Miami. We can say MKG, Batum and Zeller were dinged up - but they had Bosh on the shelf the whole time.. Drajic, Wade, Deng, JJ, Whiteside > Kemba, Lee, Marvin, Frank, Al --- and it's not even close. BUT if it were a 5 game series, maybe we win.. you could tell when Spolstra said, "okay now we got a series" and we all laughed at him.. i knew we were in a fight at home on Friday.. no way we walk away with this thing - we are gunna have to scrap.. and we fell short
  10. Game 7

    Moving forward - gotta cut the dead weight in Jefferson, Zeller and Hawes. Marvin and Lee can get new contracts but no overpaying them. If we got Howard for Jefferson and Hawes at the trade deadline - we might have had a better chance.
  11. Game 7

    Also we need finishers. We have so many guys that finish with a layup instead of dunking. Lee, Lin, Walker, even Zeller and Batum seem to lay it off the backboard more than just ramming it home. There have been too many missed and blocked layups this series.
  12. Game 7

    Zeller can't get rid of the ball quick enough. He is a deer in the headlights whenever it ends up in his hands like "how did this get here!?!" We need to replace him with a legit Center this offseason
  13. Game 7

    They just have a much more talented roster from top to bottom. we have to out hustle them 100% of the time. Looks like we are not interested in doing that at all
  14. Panthers Select Zack Sanchez CB Oklahoma in the 5th Round

    i want to see us get another CB in Rd 7.. Do it Gman, DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!