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  1. The dab is about dead. Still a few folks out there doing it, but for the most part, we're off that. We'll see what becomes hot in the streets and clubs this summer. It needs to be something simple like the dab, though. As for Josh, I'm not surprised he didn't like it. I'd imagine the defensive guys weren't fans.
  2. Carolina Panthers OTA thread - May 24

    Rivera is the perfect coach for Cam. He seems to be able to say the right things to help elevate Cam. Never lets him get complacent
  3. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    Damn. Golden State is going to lose this series. OKC is just the better team. 73-9...best record in the history...all for naught
  4. Carolina Panthers OTA thread - May 24

    I just remember it was after our loss to the Falcons that Bene told Rivera and Newton that he noticed the team wasn't themselves. He'd also always be one of the first to go to Norman when he was too hype, calming him down so he didn't get a penalty. Bene is more than capable of being the leader of the CB's. I feel Kurt will be the overall leader of that secondary group, though.
  5. Lil Dicky - Mean Guys

    The save dat money guy lol. That music video is hilarious
  6. Who Are Your Top 10 Panthers on the Roster?

    Cam Luke KK Olsen TD Trai Kalil Star KB Stewart
  7. I'm ecstatic about it. 30 mins north of the city...the panthers playing would be great and I'd be there. Not to mention the super bowl outside activities. It would be live!!
  8. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    Toronto got one. Surprised they did. The real game comes on tonight
  9. Arian Foster?

    Don't want.
  10. WR Avius Capers signed, roster at 90

    Graduated from my auntie's alma mater. Rooting for him.
  11. Cam Newton's Car

    Yea, that's a nice whip TD has there.
  12. Panthers invite RB Jalen Simmons to Camp

    Will be rooting for homie. Love these HBCU players getting a shot. Still remember when Deloatch was a panther.
  13. Antonio Cromartie wants to come to Carolina

    Hard for outsiders to get in. I do think we should have a vet as well, and wouldn't mind AC. I doubt he comes here, though.
  14. Cam TD celebration 5.0

    There will be a new dance. The dab and hit them folks was actually pretty popular here in ATL before Cam made it explode world wide. One of these rappers here will start something new...Cam being an ATLien will see it and do it in a game...bam. Dont know if it will explode like the dab, though.
  15. Panthers Release Boykin

    Haha, those same folks are now telling you Boykin was never all that