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  1. How will parking be tomorrow?

    I've never had any problems finding parking for night games and i usually get downtown between 530 and 600.
  2. When's the last time we ran a fake punt?

    We ran one today in practice. 95 was lined up as the punter, only problem was that he received the snap, yelled 'hari kari ' and then samauri sword the ball ⚾️ n half. Then he poured BBQ sauce on it. Result of the play was a touch down. Somehow.
  3. Team USA fails to make World Cup

    Fuq that, we're plenty good at making cups. Look at corporations like Dart, breathing life into rural communities like Social Circle, Georgia, a town of a few thousand, now a Mecca for styrofoam cups. Suck it World.
  4. Stopping KC's West Coast offense

    RedSox would win. Rondo would close the game out with an alley hoop to Charles Barkley for the hat trick and the win.
  5. Stopping KC's West Coast offense

    What if Julius Peppers carried a sack of cats with him at all times and threw one of them them at AlexSmith every time he was about to pass? That'd stop em!
  6. Wow is right @HeroesHealers2. Next thing you know Marc with a C will be the POTUS.
  7. Peppers has declined red zone plays as he prefers to play air guitar while the defense is off the field.
  8. Stopping KC's West Coast offense

    I say we stop them with cannon fire and bayonets. If that doesn't work, we try stink bombs.
  9. Do they ever turn BoA lights off?

    They leave em with on so Jerry can find his car at night.
  10. Most exciting game in over a year?

    Anytime you're on Prime Time, it's exciting. Getting to 4-1 was key and a loss here isn't the end of the world. That said, I hope to see a continuation of the past 2 weeks offensive progress. If there is, we don't lose.
  11. Parking - South Gate

    There's lots of folks on S Mint who will tailgate throughout the entire game, so I wouldn't worry about safety, there's plenty of people around.
  12. Parking - South Gate

    Try parking parnda's website. I used to part on W. Summit. AFter the game, you can sneak onto the john belk, hang a u turn, and be on 77 in about a minute from your parking spot. For thursday, i'm parking on morehead, just west of 77. parked there for the Bills game and it's not a bad walk. down hill on the way home.
  13. We won but Ron Rivera is a LOSER

    @BigCat, this is what RR does, its his thing man. Btw, costed?