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  1. blackcat

    Here's a tip...or not

    Was in the industry for 10 years so I’ve seen it all. I tip atleast 20%, but usually more if it’s a place we regularly go. I 2nd @TheRed, shitty tippers are shitty people but they’re all across the spectrum.
  2. blackcat

    Today’s media BS

    He's gotta have something to write about, it's the silly season.....
  3. blackcat

    Space Force

    They're required to by space law.
  4. blackcat

    WTF have we become

    A nation of laws?.....
  5. blackcat

    "We'll stop it"

    Who gives a sh*t? Trump is the President and lots of people are butt hurt over it. Get out and find a decent candidate to defeat him.
  6. @E CaT PanTHer 2, did you read the card? It's not promoting anything you suggest. It actually says the word 'husband' in it. Stop posting this crap.
  7. Luke is better than Chuck Norris at the line backing position.
  8. blackcat

    For those who said slavery ended in 1865

    This is what I've been trying to say, but some are hell bent on receiving 'tangible assets' in the form of reparations. Well said.
  9. blackcat

    For those who said slavery ended in 1865

    Yeah, I just don't think a tangible asset is ever going to happen. Handing out $$ isn't going to close the wealth gap, especially generationally.
  10. blackcat

    For those who said slavery ended in 1865

    I'm sure that throwing money at people won't work, not reparations as a whole. Besides, if you go the money route, how do you figure out who gets what and how much? Would you get as much as your parents, or grandparents? What if you had a caucasian and slaves in your lineage, would that mean you get less money? Also, what if 5 years down the road you have a child, does it get a cash payout, too? If the playing field is to ever be level, it's going to take generations to do so, you know that. I'm going out on a limb here, but I'd venture to say that your life and the difficulties you've encountered aren't as severe as what your grandfather face. I'm not saying everything is great for you, i know it's not, but I'm saying is that there has been some improvement. That stuff takes time, it takes time for people's minds to change, it takes generations dying out. As far as what I suggest.....improving education and providing more opportunity in the form of scholarships and support in order to get lower income students the opportunity to have that upward mobility we all seek.
  11. blackcat

    For those who said slavery ended in 1865

    So, it’s money or nothing?
  12. blackcat

    For those who said slavery ended in 1865

    Why hasn’t anyone brought up holding countries in West Africa responsible? They had a part in slavery, no?
  13. blackcat

    For those who said slavery ended in 1865

    I’m not suggesting not doing something to keep Nazi’s happy, I’m suggestinh a different method is needed, throwing $$ at people isn’t going to solve the problem.
  14. blackcat

    For those who said slavery ended in 1865

    First, no, I don’t share the mindset that AA’s are always looking for a handout. Just pointing out that some folks do and this will bolster that thought. Second, as far as AA’s taking it on the chin and accepting they’re starting from behind, I’m not advocating for them to do so, but I don’t agree that cash is going to solve any problems. Until society changes, it wont matter if they gave $20,000,0000 to every AA for reparations. Minds have to change and money is not going to that.
  15. blackcat

    For those who said slavery ended in 1865

    Handing out cash is not going to right any wrongs or generationally change things for African Americans. If anything, it will exacerbate the narrative that AA's always want a hand out and add more fuel to the fire of the Dylan Roofs of the world. You have to fight a mindset and giving one group a pile of money ain't going to do that.