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  1. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Pre-season game #4 - What do you want to see?   

    I'm just excited for the game mostly because it will be 10 days until the next Panthers game.  Ugh.
    And no more injuries. No more!
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  2. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Colin Jones' miraculous overnight recovery from seemingly season ending groin injury   

    It's surprising what a little shot & lots of willpower can do these days. Seriously, I'm glad he's better. We are better with him.
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  3. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Remember that big play in last year's playoffs?   

    That was the first play I thought of with White cut. Wish him the best.
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  4. GRWatcher added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    An AP sportswriter has Panthers winning NFCS ... we're saved!
    Somehow it felt good reading a slightly positive article, even if it's from the AP.
    I hate cut-down days. :'(
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  5. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Starters at WR not set in stone yet per Reed   

    I should hope not. No clear choices stand out except Ginn who will make the team just for ST. Looking forward to the 4th preseason game like never before. :)
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  6. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Looks like Panthers have signed WR Kevin Norwood   

    He hasn't worked with Ricky "WR Whisperer" Proehl yet.
    Black & Blue Review ‏@BlackBlueReview  3m3 minutes agoDo remember Ricky Proehl was high on Kevin Norwood last year. #Panthers could’ve used 7th-round pick on him if they had it.
     3:52 PM - 31 Aug 2015 · Details
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  7. GRWatcher added a post in a topic David Newton gives Cam a thumbs-up   

    I was truly impressed with the changes that Cam made from preseason game 2 (throwing high to, like, everyone) to preseason game 3 (1 or 2 high throws that I can remember). Just that alone tells me he is constantly working on his craft & has matured a lot. Now, I'm not so sure about the mustache & beard but I could get used to it. :)
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  8. GRWatcher added a post in a topic This may be a stupid question... (re: LBs and conditioning)   

    Did you miss this article?
    I think players train as a group, so LB's would have their own routine. A good part of it may be training with weights & strengthening the core.
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  9. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Panthers appear to be looking for WR help   

    Dawg, you've been here a long time but sometimes even you surprise me. How, on this good green earth, could anyone not think that our scouts have been watching WR's from other teams since KB went down? And communicating with Gettleman & crew? Plus, Proehl's input. But, wait, it's only us fans that ask the hard questions, right? bs! I'm not expecting any WR signing from these 1st cuts. Maybe the big cut down to 53, maybe. And remember they're more likely looking for immediate veteran help not future potential. The need is now. No projects or off-field issues need apply.
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  10. GRWatcher added a post in a topic We Absolutely Have To Stop Over Hyping UDFA's   

    I would rather there were no cuts in the NFL. That we got to keep everyone on the active roster.
    Feel better?
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  11. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Carolina Panthers Cuts...   

    For Ward, getting cut early could be a good thing if he was going to be cut anyway. More chance another team picks him up. Would've loved to see him against Pittsburgh though.
    Dickson is hurt & did not play. Otherwise I think we would've seen Dickson all game. 
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  12. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Along the Sidelines - Patriots at Panthers   

    Let me repeat myself. I did not see anyone out of our backfield do anything better than any of the others out of our backfield & that includes blocking. Except Tolbert's td. They all failed frequently and regularly. Meh.
    So we should just agree to disagree. Over a preseason game no less lol. 
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  13. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Along the Sidelines - Patriots at Panthers   

    Yes, I did & he wasn't any worse than any other RB but did score a td. As for your 2nd question, we will never know. Hindsight is 20/20 so I never use it & wishing & guessing never gets a td or wins a football game. Tolbert did, at least, get a td. Hard facts do matter.
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  14. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Around the NFL   

    I watched the 2nd qtr of that game. Question: even if Eagles are at the line but they are also substituting players, aren't the refs supposed to stop the clock & give the defense time to sub if they want to? I'm confused over that.
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