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  1. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Happy 4th of July Everyone   

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  2. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Official Netflix Thread   

    Watched it just 2 nights ago. Not a lot of action or cgi or anything comic book fangirls will look for. But an excellent movie. If you're not into supporting women, don't bother. You won't understand. The twist is shocking.
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  3. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Just got a Chromecast   

    My son bought one just to watch the draft at my house. I was going to twitter the draft, having cut the cord. So he bought one on sale just so I could watch the draft on ESPN with his Sling account, then left it behind when he went home. He has a zillion devices at his place. All I had was a 3-yr old SONY blu-ray player with a few apps & WatchESPN isn't one of them. I love my son! But for someone without a smartphone, the whole thing has been an enjoyable learning process.
    It works wonderfully from my desktop. Using the google cast beta I can cast anything I'm seeing in my chrome browser (called tab casting). Watched the WWC with the European feed the other day because my antenna refuses to pull in FOX. That was fun. Froze just once so I was really impressed.
    From my slow-ass tablet, not so much. No tab casting but that depends on your phone or tablet. youtube does work well as does anything from google play, stops playing on the tablet when it's being cast, but there's only so much Star Trek fan video one can take. Of course. LilSmitty's (NFLPanther07) videos always help. 
    But without a cable subscription to the tv channels, there isn't much from tv-on-the-web that I can cast. I'm borrowing my son's Sling on the desktop when he's not using it for TNT & AMC, mostly the vod. But with its own browser, I can't cast it. Working on that & if I have an answer, I'll share. Sling is supposed to have a chromecast app by year's end. :)
    We're a family that shares. I bought Amazon Prime which my daughter prefers. She buys Netflix which I prefer. And now my son has Sling which keeps me from committing suicide without TNT. When Sling gets BBCA and/or SyFy I may get my own account.
    Sorry this is so long...hope it reads well.
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  4. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Have a happy and safe 4th of July   

    God bless you all! Be Safe!
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  5. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Rival Review - Atlanta Falcons   

    I have to take into consideration the top of the organization first when evaluating any team. They set the tone & they acquire the talent.
    And Atlanta's ownership & FO are true disaster areas. There will be bright spots now & then, like fireflies: blink on, blink off. But nothing will last in Atlanta, too many of the wrong fingers in the pie. I also think Quinn will struggle with the players he has & without Carroll's help.
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