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  1. brandon_87

    random question...

    It's not Lavar Ball is it?
  2. I'd say it's repeated shitty drafting/poor scouting, but the was this organization has been run they kept him instead if just getting a fresh set of eyes
  3. brandon_87

    Quick blurb on Tepper (off topic)

    I'd just be happy if they showed him down on the sidelines... Everytime they showed JR, he looked like he was falling asleep and didn't give a poo lol
  4. Gross Gamble And...... Bersin (kidding)
  5. brandon_87

    Ron Rivera Already On That BS

    Best case scenario is a decent LG gets cut and we grab him, nobody on this roster is starting caliber LG
  6. brandon_87

    Scary moment at practice today...

    That's Matt for you....
  7. brandon_87

    List of Pie (reaction) choices

    Isn't that what the 28-3 is for? We all laugh at that
  8. Or they told him...we're not getting you o-line help, you better learn fast
  9. Which frustrates the poo out of most of us, this why we pretty much all hate him
  10. brandon_87

    NFL Top 100

    Why does this list matter? If effects nothing and means nothing
  11. brandon_87

    Oliver luck CEO of XFL

    I've been saying this forever with the NFL since they started changing poo, and when there was a rumor of a XFL coming back I really hoped they would let the old game back onto the field, fingers crossed
  12. brandon_87

    Testaverde Jersey

    I remember him trying to hit a wide open Smith down field but didn't have the arm strength lol
  13. brandon_87

    Matt "Speed bump McGee" Kalil..

    Only someone who just looks for stats and doesn't actually watch the games would post something like this. Watch any game and you'll see he's clearly the weakest link on the line, pressure usually comes from him directly whiffing on his man, and the shirt dump offs to CMC helping to get the ball out of cams hands faster took away a lot of the pressures and sacks that would have been the results. He's fuging garbage
  14. Lol you starting this off is gonna be the first of many dumbass roster projections..... Like the mock drafts smh I like yours though
  15. This is more on the GM then JR