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  1. brandon_87

    Tepper teases midfield logo change

    fuging love the dude! Everything so far in an owner you could ever hope for, even points out how bad JR was, probably only liked the $$$, this dude legit cares
  2. You expect him to know how to use him? Lol when has he ever properly utilized skill position players? I'm assuming g that's why Norv was brought in
  3. I still haven't watched the game on rewind, did Corn Elder even play? How was he if he did? And how did Odaba do?
  4. The funny thing is some people actually believe he was at any point in time "injured" last year.... He's garbage. He was garbage in Minnesota as well, not gonna change just cuz he's with his brother
  5. brandon_87

    Jarius "got me feeling" Wright

    There was that one clip where he fuging owned Mannerlyn in the end zone on a quick fade, but that was 1 on 1 drill
  6. I agree, but Kalil is always hurt now, so when he's out, tbay takes the flexibility of having Larsen as depth for G. We badly needed to address the interior and we didn't this year
  7. brandon_87

    Colin Jones...

    The point is, he gets on the field way too often on defense and he shouldn't. It's just a lack of depth that we keep ignoring year in and year out.
  8. brandon_87

    Thoughts on Trading Funchess?

    In reality, we wouldn't get poo for him, he's a #3 on any other team but us, but if someone gave us something useful, I would love to get secondary help, we've proven we can have unlrigen WR's step up and play.
  9. brandon_87

    Back End Safety Spot

    I'd love to see what we could get Eric Reid for, but I'd also take Ed Reed at this point, we seriously can't be rolling with Searcy and Adams smh
  10. It'd help if he had some finesse instead of drilling people that are 10 yards or less away from him, the majority of balls dropped that weren't drilled in there were from Ginn. Hopefully this year is better with a Norv approach, I feel like it will be
  11. brandon_87


    Sorry bro, but watching TC and seeing him in coverage in live game action is totally different. He makes me so nervous, never know what you're gonna get from him on any given down
  12. I second this haha Only got 1 post into this before someone took the words right out of my mouth
  13. That's the thing.... But let isn't a great player. A flash here and there doesn't mean poo
  14. Anything is better than nothing for cutting one.... And nobody is going to give up a starting OL for either one of them lol this isn't Madden
  15. I agree, but that's last case scenario. Byrd isn't PS eligible anymore and Samuel wouldn't last 10 mins... We need depth on OL right now more then WR, which has NEVER been the case with us haha it's a shitty situation for sure, I like both.