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  1. I'm ok with Gilbert, he seems to have poise in the pocket, different then Cam, but he seems confident. Ideally, I'd love to get Bridgewater here, but I'm sure he wants to start somewhere, and Cam rarely misses time
  2. I'd watch this...

    And pagano was out with cancer treatment..
  3. FA: Doug Martin?

    Finds holes better then Jstew and hits them hard, I'd take him any day if the week
  4. Not every team uses all their cap, not a single team uses the exact same amount , percentage could be of used %
  5. Salt on the Wound: Gronk Robbed

    You'd think so
  6. I hope NBC fires Collinsworth

    This^ I honestly have no idea how he keeps landing big games to be a commentator on, he's horrible.
  7. By all means, hell yes. If they don't do it now, value will drop like crazy
  8. Hats off to Mr. Scott

    For sure, one of only 3 posters I see that aren't huge homers and post legit stuff with facts
  9. They can't just come out and say that lol bit some of us feel that way for sure
  10. Bills-someone might be done forever

    Depending on how he got the injury. It could be voided
  11. No common sense for clock control either
  12. Thus why real fans can see that Rivera is a poo coach getting by because of a talented team. The sky is the limit if we had a competent head coach
  13. Look at Matt Kalil... Nothing is impossible
  14. Kevin Dodd

    You win! Let them take the contract too, helps us in more ways then most people realize
  15. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    Or that Norv wants a passer and not a hybrid