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  1. Panthers vs Aints Predictions

    Why not do the old madden max of 256-0? 15 min quarters, kill em!! Haha
  2. Panthers vs Aints Predictions

    23-17 Probably a late game int to preserve a win, we'll dominate them, but RR conservative game plan keeps them in it
  3. Shula unrest

    If you knew anything, you'd know we had the top scoring offense, not the top overall offense. Nothing from that had anything to do with Shula, that came from tons of short field opportunities caused by a great defense that forced a lot of turnovers. Have you ever watched a game on re-run and not focused so much on where the ball is going, but how the other aspects of the plays pan out? Our offense is less complicated then a high school offense tbh... and that's all on Shula. So, keep telling g yourself Shula isn't to blame here, or whatever else makes this season easier for you, yea.. Cam is inaccurate, but that isn't rust... he's the same he's always been. Dropped passes? What's new? Shitty blocking? When was the last time it was good? Dude... it's Shula
  4. You're 100% correct. At the end of the day, we're still 2-0, just would have liked to see more out of this team on offense, it's like... as fans. .. we wait all off season to see what we can do with the new toys, and to be let down with this crap that we've seen so far this year... it's frustrating haha Hell, even the announcers were wondering why we have so many play calls that have 2 wr's in the same area, makes zero sense... the play calling has got to change if we are gonna be successful and achieve anything this year. We have all the talent in the world, but it has yet to be unleashed.
  5. The reason for all the mixed emotions between panther fans is that we feel like we were promised some "evolved" high power offense, when in reality, it's the same bullshit but with new people involved, and it's old, and has been seen by the league for so long, it doesn't fool anybody. Outsiders notice it and comment on it, and the fans that bought into the bullshit we were fed from RR and DG refuse to believe what everybody else that dent have their head in their ass can see. We need new coaching and a whole new offensive staff if we are going to be competitive on offense, that's just being honest.
  6. Kalil Not Practicing

    Bro, that's just it... we never give any RB consistent carrys, Shula always calls some off the wall retarded play to mess up our offenses rhythm, like...he's trying to catch them off guard. And he's ignorant about it too. If we ran cosistently, we'd dominate up front, but we don't, and we are stuck with what we have as our offense. Kinda sad on the outlook for the future, but alcohol helps
  7. Star so far... defense is dominating and he's a big part, while on the other side of the ball, we can't run for poo, I'd offense continues to struggle, I doubt they pay Norwell before Star
  8. Kalil Not Practicing

    49ers blitzed less then 5 times for the entire game, he didn't have anything to do, so in reality... he only played 1 game with a challenge, now that his lack of talent is on film, teams are going to bring their pressure from there, guaranteed
  9. Kalil Not Practicing

    Just think, we probably only signed Matt because Ryan cosigned for him, now Ryan doesn't play and we're stuck with poo-tastic Matt and a huge cap hit
  10. Under, RR seems like he's all about clock control this year, he won't even try to put up points if we get up, he'll just try to put them away
  11. He could have traded... Kalil was the "big name" out there, but nobody wanted him, not even his own team, viking fans were laughing at us haha Personally, I would have loved to see a trade for a starting caliber LT, but it is what it is :'(
  12. REPORT: Gary Barnidge

    No problem, trying to keep poo somewhat positive around here, but people like you always try to bring up bad memories of the past, it's good you remember that, but come on man... this board is falling apart as it is because we look like complete horse poo on offense, think about that before you bring up some poo like that man
  13. REPORT: Gary Barnidge

    I remember my first beer as well...
  14. Peanut Tillman

    Last time he tried to teach the punch, didn't Funchess get punched and a fight broke out? Lol