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  1. calling ALL Gamblers

    We are turning Cam loos... no reason he won't throw more, we aren't holding back, I'm taking: Cam over passing yards Cam over completions -game- over on sacks possibly Cam over on rushing yards (haven't decided) Over - on times they show the golden gate bridge (lol) and i'm leaning towards over on Ginn for rushing yards... 1 run usually gets 5-8 yards minimum  
  2. Cam Newton and Panthers cards are hot on eBay

    damn, I had a bunch of graded Cam rookie cards, I saw the prices going up and sold them, shoulda held on to them longer lol
  3. What are you going to buy if we win tomorrow?

    I'd Say replica ring, but jewelry isn't my thing, so I want to get a black jersey with the super bowl patch, just can't decide the player, I have Cam in white and blue but don't want a 3rd haha,already have Luke in black and KB in black....  decisions, decisions.    I have a whole closet full of jerseys of players through the years, a lot of them are the black ones, started trying to get away from black when it seemed we wore white more.  Still love my black Walls, black Green, black Moose, and somehow... all the way in Vegas, I was able to get a black Tyrone Poole at JC pennys.
  4. Injury updates

    Did you not see him pop a dislocated finger back in place MID-PLAY?  haha There is no way in hell he misses this game
  5. Our 1st play from scrimmage

    Wildcat formation.... Webb deep to Cam, who owns Peterson on the play for 80 yard TD.  
  6. Fitz vs our slot, and Peterson taking away Ginn and the deep ball
  7. When and Why to make Noise

    If only every fan in attendance was given these instructions. ...
  8. There is no debate this week.

    I just wish it was in the early slot, that would be a better advantage, imo
  9. When the 12s are down 31-0 at the half from the pregame lmao
  10. Panthers Jerseys In Vegas

    Im IN vegas and never see that shot
  11. DeAngelo Williams hurt

    What killed his career here was the read option, not his ability.   In other news, why IS this posted here?
  12. Mario Williams Reportedly Being Cut In Offseason

    If I remember correcrly, 4.5 came against us with Bell gaurding him, not muCh Productiom
  13. I swear, you people got so fuging spoiled with this years 14 wins... we lost as a team... plain and simple, you can't pin it on one player or call, we flat out got beat. It sucks that it was the Falcons, but hopefully thats a wake-up call before playoffs or we will be one and done
  14. The 10. 10!!!!! (Pro Bowl)

    More then spectacular, the man is EVERYWHERE... good coverage, ball hawk, run stuffer, great open field tackling... hard to NOT have him go