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  1. You people. ... put too much thought into what people think about our team and where they rank us, or how we are preceived.... who the fug cares? As long as we win on Sundays, none of this bullshit matters
  2. Even at 74, I control Star every play and KK ends up wrecking people, no complaints rhere
  3. Glad to see this... tired of people here saying he was only good because of Cam haha
  4. He has to see the field to get revenge
  5. Top pic... that doesn't even look like clean form for tackling, I'd say that was intentional
  6. Who the fug cares? Players sure as hell don't.
  7. I don't know about you, but Samuel looks like the GOAT the way I use him in madden
  8. And we had Smith... OP must have forgotten about both of them
  9. Matt Ryan Tries To Be #Hip

    This literally makes zero sense, I'm sure OP is drunk
  10. They rushed him back, and TD made them pay for it. Was nobody's fault but their own
  11. Philly Brown?

    Why does this board always want to sign him? Is it because he is a familiar name? He into that good of a WR, he made good use of his playing time here, but there's a reason he's not on a roster right now. The Giants had zero receivers and opted not to sign him... there's a sign right there
  12. Shula, first call of the game

    Or Dickson
  13. Caption This Pic

    My little pony
  14. How is this panther related? You know there's a whole NFL forum? There is literally nothing about this game that matters to us
  15. Thomas Davis Video Request

    Close enough haha its always in my head when we play them, I hate Matt Ryan with a fuging passion, I'd never wish Injury on anybody, but for him, I'd make an exception