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  1. The Black Luke Kuechly...

    Risky pick in the 2nd, since he tore both ACL AND LCL. And isn't he an OLB? Lewis and Luke were/are MLB'ers, last I checked.
  2. PFF tags the 16 Worst picks in 2016 Draft

    I think it's interesting (and encouraging) that we're not on the list with any of our picks. I see 4 teams are on the list twice. Ouch.
  3. Seems he was found not guilty of 1st degree murder, thus the light sentence. "Carruth was found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, shooting into an occupied vehicle, and using an instrument to destroy an unborn child. He was sentenced to 18 to 24 years in prison. He was found not guilty of first-degree murder, and so was spared the death penalty. He is serving the sentence at Tyrrell Prison Work Farm near Columbia, North Carolina, with a projected release date of October 22, 2018."
  4. Yeah, hard to beat 1st degree murder. He's due to be released in 2018.
  5. But I bet those teams got great draft grades from the 'experts'.
  6. 2016 NFL MVP Odds

    Back to back MVP winners- Jim Brown Joe Montana Brett Favre Peyton Manning It can be done, but it's rare.
  7. "Hopefully I don't hit anybody." If you do, make sure it's not Luke.
  8. Smitty maybe, but I'd bet against Josh. He looks a lot better playing on camera than talking. After the bologna comment, I'd have to say maybe so. That's pretty original.
  9. Rookie Camp - Need your input

    I'm more interested in the fringe guys at this point- lower round picks Sandland and even Sanchez, and free agents Cash and Garrett. I don't think the top 3 picks have to worry about getting on the short list any time soon.
  10. Tryout Invitations

    And I think that's why any other QB looking to bump him off would need similar versatility or have a big upside in the QB dept. (unlikely for a 3rd string QB).
  11. Gettleman eating

    At least two of those guys are protecting their food.
  12. SI article on Keyarris Garrett

    Yep. He deserves success. I'm now a big Garrett fan. Really hopes he makes the roster.
  13. Panthers bringing in a QB

    They needed another big man for their pickup BB games.
  14. C'mon Josh. We're not all like that. Yep. Miss the man. Not the salary. lol
  15. 7th rnd: TE: Beau Sandland

    Do we end up with a 7th rounder who can make the team and actually contribute? Hope so. I kinda like this guy. Cool name if nothing else.