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  1. Deangelo Williams picks....

    And the Panthers win the 2015 'Release the right running back' award. 
  2. Trying to pump myself up for this game

    My thoughts exactly. Your dad wouldn't approve of you canceling the trip or not enjoying the experience. 
  3. I never felt like we had a horrible receiving corps without KB. Aside from from our solid gold TE, we had weapons for the short and long passing game. Ginn doesn't have the best hands, and neither does Brown, but when they catch the ball there's the chance they can go all the way every time if they get a little running room. I had faith that Funchess would catch up and help out, and I knew that Cotchery was clutch in the short game. What kind of help did we have for Smith for most of his Panther career, other than Moose? Not much. We had one draft bust after another, and unlike Gettleman, nobody brought in any veteran pieces to fit the puzzle.
  4. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    And that never happens to us on other boards. I never go to forums for other teams because I don't troll and have no interest in debating opposing fans. Fandom is usually an emotional thing and the knee jerk reaction of 'WTF are you doing on our forum?' isn't something I want to fight right off the bat.  If you want to post here without trolling you'll get some good, civil responses. If you want to get your back up at every stone thrown your way because you're in enemy territory, then your skin is too thin for posting on other team sites, and your expectations are unreasonable. 
  5. Nobody who isn't totally ignorant. It was just poking fun at the perception of stoic, studying Manning vs. fun loving, celebrating Cam.
  6. Who's taking TD's place on hands team?

    Cotch gets my vote. He had some of the toughest catches I've seen this season, literally wrestling the ball away from defenders.
  7. Is that a ponytail or a fox tail?
  8. Am I dreaming?

    I think it's funny that some think Cam will crack under the pressure of being in the SB, faced with Denver's defense. I guess they forget his 1st two games in his rookie season, passing for 400+ yards with a crappy OL and nobody to throw to except Smith. Cam is unflappable. 
  9. The Broncos can't win unless we make mistakes. We have the answer for their D with our running game. Just have to execute our game plan.
  10. If we crush Denver many will still say the AFC was just weak, old, and injured this year. We'd have a better shot at a perceived 'legendary' team if we hadn't let Seattle back in the game in the 2nd half. Then there's the loss to the Falcons. SB winners at 19-0 would silence a lot of critics.
  11. I hope nobody tries to squeeze anything serious out of this. Just laugh. I love Noah's sense of humor.
  12. The funny thing is that Manning's lack of performance this season is the main reason why we're being favored by most. Wanting him to have one more big game in him and objectively thinking it'll happen are two different things. Even if I were a big Broncos fan I wouldn't be picking them to win unless I were drinking the Kool-Aid and not paying attention to what the Panthers have done in the playoffs. They destroyed both teams in the 1st half, and fixed the 2nd half issue in the Arizona game.
  13. I was a little surprised too. All week I've been hearing former (and current) players, coaches, etc. saying they don't see the game even being close. I guess some are still buying the 'great Denver defense' argument, along with the Panthers being unprepared for the 'Super Bowl experience'. 
  14. What are these 'things' and why do they favor Denver when they fall? 
  15. I do not want this to end.....

    Yeah, do tell.