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  1. The only thing I pointed out is that Wilson Chandler is often injured. The only trade that was some what feasible is the Rudy Gay trade. But even then he's a free agent after the season and the Kings doesn't seem interested in trading him. Even if Utah was willing to trade Hayward that wouldn't be enough to acquire him. Wilson Chandler has been playing well lately, why would they trade him now after keeping him through some injury filled seasons? Miami doesn't need MKG, so why would they trade for him? If you proposed trades that were realistic I could at least see your point but none of those trades were realistic, may as well reach for the stars with Carmelo - Paul George trade scenarios.
  2. Wilson Chandler is always injured Rudy Gay is the NBA's Sam Bradford Utah would never trade Hayward Dragic's big contract. Miami Doesn't need MKG they have Winslow as a Defensive stopper / Questionable Jumpshooter