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  1. I’d give him a blank check. He’s done more for this franchise in seven years than all players combined since it’s inception. He basically put this team on the nfl map.
  2. We had better get better run play out of our defensive ends than we have the last two weeks. Coleman and Bernard both shredded us off the edges because our defensive ends didn’t set the edge. If we set the edge and bottle up Barkley, it will force the giants into some long down and distances in which our defensive line should feast and force Eli into sacks or picks.
  3. All you fellas blaming the nfl for the roughing stuff need to throw some blame on the players. They are liable for this poo show as well constantly moaning about player safety and suing the league.
  4. This is a blowout in the making.
  5. bigdog10

    We need TD back.

    Barkley is going to be a huge challenge for this defense. Hopefully bad Eli shows up and we can contain Barkley.
  6. bigdog10

    Elliott, Gurley.... McCaffrey?

    Cmac was brilliant yesterday, but kudos to Norv and the offensive line. Such an amazing performance from the play calling to the holes he had to run through. The bengals front is no joke and those guys made them look silly.
  7. bigdog10

    Dontari Poe

    The long runs are not coming from guys going up the middle, they are coming off the edge. I expect this cleaned up once Thomas Davis returns.
  8. Really glad to see Torrey speaking up for Cam, however he’s wrong on this. The nfl only fined Kiko Alonso a little over $9,000 for his hit on Flacco last year.
  9. Joe Mixon being out is a big deal. 20-9 panthers.
  10. Ooh wee mayne when you lay it all out like that it makes me a little nauseous
  11. suprised we are six pages in on this bitch fest and no one bothered to post the hit and reaction. Couple things: -Torrey Smith had the best view of this an acted appropriately -Van Roten obviously saw the hit as he came running into the fray -CMac just stood there. Funchess is getting all the crap but Cmac was right there and did little. -hard to point fingers at the other lineman as this happened so fast that it’s possible they didn’t see how egregious it was. -with how depleted our offensive line is, I don’t really blame any of those guys for not coming in and throwing punches. We couldn’t afford to lose any of them due to an ejection
  12. Trubisky is Bortles from two years ago. He will hold that team back greatly.
  13. I think you can make a case that he is the worst defensive player on this roster. Had he been a third or fourth round pick, I’m not sure he would even still be in the league.
  14. I’m giving CJ the ball 15 times a game and putting Cmac in the slot. CJ is averaging 6.6 a carry. I’d put Armah in front of him and just absolutely blast opposing defensive lines. We tried to get cute yesterday against Atlanta by throwing the ball way too much. We need to just line up and smash teams in the mouth. Control the clock and let our ancient defense get some time on the bench.