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    Im not sure I understand why this was so awkward for Cowherd. It sounded like to me that Harbaugh was in the middle of watching something and was taking his time giving genuine answers. Im not a big Harbaugh fan, but honestly what did Cowherd want him to do? Sing and tap dance?
    He got to the big ten question and he asks " is it a 'BUY' week". . . I mean what the hell is Cowherd talking about? 99% of the time someone is going to translate that as "by-week" and probably be thinking your downplaying his division. Whats a "buy week" anyway? Who asks that? Then Cowherd gets agitated that Harbaugh isnt asnwering qustions we the same amped up Chiuahua energy that he's bringing.
    Harbaugh was like ". . . . Thrilled"
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