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  1. Razeyfingers added a post in a topic Do you play Madden? Have some questions...   

    Came very close to buying it then I remembered who made the game and decided not.
    besides, still wont put it out for PC? pathetic
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  2. Razeyfingers added a post in a topic What type of receiver is Devin Funchess?   

    Funchess is still learning the finer points of receiving although is much further ahead of where he was advertised to be. He understands concepts well, as stated by the coaches. He will pick up all 3 positions, x y and z, but has been concentrating on the other two 2 spots, y and z. He came in with a pretty good set of tools in that area although has never had the benefit of a QB like Cam throwing 100 mph.
    Physically he is very big and very powerful in comparison to other receivers. He played linebacker as well as lining up wide in D1 football. . . . yes dude, he played linebacker too. He has soft hands and good habits as a receiver so far technically.  He is looking to hunt for the ball at the highest point, looks it in, tucks it, seems to have decent positional and spacing awareness. . . he looks good. I dont know if he can catch with contact yet or where he is on that so I'd like to see that for myself.
    He plays nasty with the ball, more of T.O. type receiver in that he will lower his head and clock a DB from what I've seen in college. He has been learning how to use his hands more now at the line and when jockeying for position which is always one of the more polished things to teach a receiver. I would say the things that he's been learning in this camp tell me that he is close to being ready to go as a starter. I would like to see more before we can really say he can play that 1 spot.
    *edit: Z receiver whatevers
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  3. Razeyfingers added a post in a topic Carolina asked Miami to let up on the pass rush....   

    Heard it served up like that multiple times on the radio today. People want ratings badly and they think stressing fans out is the fastest way to do that.
    Judging by the idiots who call those shows, I'd say there a lot of Panthers that are easy to manipulate in order to get clicks. Seems to me that all they all think they're smarter than they are and just know that the offense is broken without X player.
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  4. Razeyfingers added a post in a topic Panthers Training Camp Photos and Notes - Final Practice   

    If I had a nickel for the number of Saints fans that are now Panthers fans mysteriously. Just because the whole state is colored blue doesnt mean there isnt a Panthers presence there.
    ughh generalizations are so lazy, why not just take note whos posting and just skip that fail boat next time by not reading whatever he next posts.
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  5. Razeyfingers added a post in a topic Devin Funchess aka the enigma   

    wow 6 pages huh, how about the fact that he played linebacker and not receiver for the majority of his football career. The fact that he's not remotely close to as polished as LaFell or KB shouldve told you something. He obviously has learning to do, but obviously looks like a stud.
    He went for 52 in his first game, lol, wake up
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  6. Razeyfingers added a post in a topic Smith to the HOF   

    Curious to know what Zod and all of you think about John Harbough, currently one of the best coaches in the league imo, saying that he really would like for Smitty to coach and thinks he'd be great.
    Sounds like he does a great job working with young guys to me, but maybe Dwayne Jarrett wouldve been successful if Moose was coaching him instead of Smitty right? Its too bad Smitty hurt his feelings and all the other receivers that never got good, smh.
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  7. Razeyfingers added a post in a topic Funchess Learning From Proehl   

    Well I wouldnt say none of receivers. Smitty credits Proehl for a lot of his growth back when Ricky was on the team. LaFell became a starter. . how many other 1st 2nd 3rds did we spend on receivers?
    You do the counting :)
    (and when you remember who that other draft pick was dont forget to roll your eyes, he wasnt gonna be successful anyways)
    edit: and Johnny Im not saying Proehl is a good coach because others are. Im saying it because with my own eyeballs, Im watching him make a huge difference in every receivers habits and techniques. Its just obvious to me and many others I suppose.
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  8. Razeyfingers added a post in a topic Panther Fan Role Call   

    Raz Ethelbert Fingers. . uhmm here, sir
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  9. Razeyfingers added a post in a topic Funchess Learning From Proehl   

    Let me tell you something Proehl. . .
    Donald LaFell is a starting 1 in this league.
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  10. Razeyfingers added a post in a topic GIVE US MOAR   

    Zod better get out of the sun! That tan is looking kind of fierce, damn!
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  11. Razeyfingers added a post in a topic cam vs jake   

    You would be hated and vilified at every opportunity.  lol I would find you hilarious and ridiculously ungrateful.
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  12. Razeyfingers added a post in a topic cam vs jake   

    I went a couple of years ago, the day that story broke about him taking off his shoes and handing them to the nice fatally diseased woman in a wheelchair, which happened to be right next to me. I can tell you that he seems to me to be the most motivated person in the world to make everyone happy and he really enjoys having that reciprocated with smiles and compassion imo.
    Then there are people like you who may have some sort of preconceived notion of who he is, which usually leads to a disagreement between your brain and reality. What did you think he was going to be like? Smiles and spend 15 minutes with you? Be honest with yourself about that and then ask yourself how many people like you he saw that day.
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  13. Razeyfingers added a post in a topic DAY 6 - Training Camp Tweets (Aug 6)   

    Im guessing youre meaning next year or the year after that. That would be amazing I agree. If he did it this year, people would probably start calling him Jesus.
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  14. Razeyfingers added a post in a topic Olsen not worried about the offense and redzone   

    Soooo. . .our redzone offense depended on Bell last year? How would you rationalize to get to that point in your thought process?
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  15. Razeyfingers added a post in a topic DAY 6 - Training Camp Tweets (Aug 6)   

    You can tether your phone to your computer for internet. Your not streaming video right?
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