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  1. Rapoport: Panthers Looking at Quarterbacks

    A QB today would be about the most shocking thing we could do. Most of the QBs we've been linked to are mid-late round guys. Prescott is probably the highest rated one and he probably wouldn't come into play until the 4th at the earliest, especially after that DUI last month.
  2. REPORT: Panthers considering TE Jerrell Adams in 3rd

    Seriously. Not sure how well they do with other teams, but they have to be batting close to zero with the Panthers.
  3. Tampa Bay Fans Delusional As Usual

    I hope everyone in the division stocks up on sub-6' CBs. Those guys can have perfect coverage on KB, Funch, and/or Olsen and it just won't matter.
  4. Trading up with the Titans

    Ogbah, Shepard, one of the Henry's or sit and wait.
  5. A trade I'd like to see tomorrow

    Welcome to 8 hours ago.
  6. Carolina Panthers NFL Draft - Day 2 Predictions

    Sterling Shepard, please.
  7. Another thread about the football man we just drafted

    I don't think it comes down to Short or Star. I think it comes down to Short may have put himself in a position to land a monster deal. Like a Suh type deal. I know Gettleman loves his hog mollies and pass rushers, but I'm not sure he'll give a DT Suh money. Drafting Butler gives us flexibility with Short. I don't think Butler impacts the Star decision at all. Very different players. Butler and Short are 3 technique DTs aka undertackles. Star is a 0 or 1 technique DT aka a nose tackle.
  8. A trade I'd like to see tomorrow

    Ogbah or Shepard.
  9. 2015 Panthers DT Snap Counts

    What did Shaq see last year? Probably right around 30% of snaps. Drafting for immediate need leads to reaching and getting yourself into trouble. When you reach, you not only fail to properly upgrade the position that you're reaching for, but you also miss an opportunity to upgrade at another position. It's a double whammy. Gettleman refuses to reach based on need. We can't know all the reasoning behind this pick. I'm sure we've had preliminary discussions with Short regarding a new contract. He's a DT who just had double digit sacks. That's rare. If we don't get him locked up this offseason and he has another monster season, he may be looking at a Suh deal. I doubt we'd give him a Suh deal. Especially if Butler shows promise.
  10. A trade I'd like to see tomorrow

    Definitely hell no on trading a future 1st. Cool info on trading comp picks. Didn't know that had changed.
  11. A trade I'd like to see tomorrow

    Not that I'm aware of, but even still, we don't actually have a comp pick next year. Yet.
  12. A trade I'd like to see tomorrow

    Can't trade comp picks. We could trade OUR 3rd rounder, but not the comp pick. Even if comp picks could be traded, we couldn't trade next year's because we don't actually have it yet.
  13. A trade I'd like to see tomorrow

    No "Hurney deals" please.
  14. A trade I'd like to see tomorrow

    Yep, patience. Still lots of talent available. I'm sure just like last year Dave has a list of guys and if they start going fast, we'll start working the phones. If not, just sit back and see how the board falls and take the BPA.
  15. Falcons Fans: Carolina Gets It

    Wow. That's a really dumb argument. Every team in the league is a few key injuries away from a bad season. Take last year's Panthers. Say Cam and Kawaan went down for the season. Yikes... Wow. That made it sink into me. That's how important Short is to our DL. He's the only pass rushing DT we have. That's what the Butler pick is all about. Despite our depth at DT, we specifically needed pass rush help at DT.