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  1. Why no comp picks this year?

    Nah, Hardy's contract and playing time weren't big enough to offset our gains.
  2. REPORT: Panthers interested in moving UP in 1st round

    I would be less surprised about a move up than a move down.
  3. My One and Only Mock

    yep. would take.
  4. Your final predictions (#30)

    Dodd or Ogbah or H. Henry or William Jackson3 or Karl Joseph or Coleman or Doctson
  5. Yea, that Ifedi or whatever guy reminds me so much of Moses Morgan with all the ridiculous undeserved hype of possibly going in the 1st.
  6. Chris Gamble to announce 2nd round pick

    Gamble was the one of the most underrated players in the game during his career. Criminal he didn't make a few Pro Bowls.
  7. Less than 48 hours, thoughts

    I mostly agree with the OP. I just don't think DT should be a high round priority. Gettleman says our first round player should have an impact, we have two young DTs that aren't getting benched for a long time. If DT were the pick it would mean Gettleman doesn't believe he's gonna be able to resign Short. To me it's Dodd, Ogbah, Jackson3, H.Henry, Joseph, or a top 3 or 4 WR.
  8. Fanspeak draft simulator

    Was almost able to pull it off again with fanspeak's board. Miller wasn't there in the 4th, but we get a potentially good slot WR as a consolation prize. Eric Murray could be solid also, in the 5th. 30: R1P30 DE KEVIN DODD CLEMSON 62: R2P31 TE HUNTER HENRY ARKANSAS 93: R3P30 RB ALEX COLLINS ARKANSAS 129: R4P31 WR PHAROH COOPER SOUTH CAROLINA 168: R5P29 CB ERIC MURRAY MINNESOTA
  9. JaWalrus Russell's open letter to Jerry Jones

    I'm pretty sure the NFLPA wouldn't allow him to play, or even be on the scout team, for free.
  10. Let's talk about safeties

    I'm a huge fan of Joseph. I also like Cash and would be good with him in the 2nd or later. None of the others really jump out at me though.
  11. SI: An Oral History of the 2011 draft

    2011 was probably the best first round ever. Other than all the other QB trash, we got the GOAT at #1, then Von Miller, JJ Watt, Marcel Dareus, two great WRs in AJ Green and Julio, Patrick Peterson, Tyron Smith, Robert Quinn, Muhammed Wilkerson. All very possible future HOFers if their careers continue as they've gone so far.
  12. Fanspeak draft simulator

    Earlier I mentioned a new (realistic) dream draft, and sure enough my first fanspeak mock of the night with walter's board was able to achieve it (with an extra CB thrown in for good measure): 30: R1P30 DE EMMANUEL OGBAH OKLAHOMA STATE 62: R2P31 TE HUNTER HENRY ARKANSAS 93: R3P30 RB ALEX COLLINS ARKANSAS 129: R4P31 CB HARLAN MILLER SOUTHEAST LOUISIANA 168: R5P29 CB CYRUS JONES ALABAMA
  13. I might even prefer Collins to Henry. His change of direction, vision, and ability to get skinny are lethal. Only realistic RB for us that I'm still pretty sure I prefer is Booker, but it isn't by a large margin. And considering Booker's injury, it may be very close. .
  14. Wilson: Cravens under first-round consideration

    I'd MUUUUUUCH rather have Joseph, someone who has excelled at his prospective position, than Cravens. I'd be ok with Cravens in the 2nd, but wouldn't be excited about the pick.