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  1. he ACTUALLY said that poo?  forget what I said in the other thread.  fug that fuger and fire his candy bitch ass tonight.  leave him in SF.
  2. Cam backing away from the ball...

    smart move or not, it wasn't an issue of willingness or cowardice.
  3. Cam backing away from the ball...

    there's a gif in another thread of it.  he obviously didn't just run away and try to avoid getting hit or something, he was trying to reposition to make a play on it.  he couldn't bend over and get to it faster than the guy that was already on the ground, so the hop back was his way of trying to flop on it.
  4. Cam pouting at the podium

    I don't blame him.  He was probably too emotional to properly communicate with them anyway.
  5. Key Factors in the Loss

    Yea, no doubt.  Philly made a few plays without any major f-ups like all the other WRs, so he definitely was the best out there. 
  6. I think our offense wasn't a mirage at all, but it was allowed to breathe when Shula tightened his death grip on it.  We have the players to make plays when allowed to.  Sure, short fields helped, and we didn't have many more defensive scores than most.  Two pick sixes by Norman, two by Luke in the playoffs.  I don't remember any others.  Maybe one by Coleman, but I can't remember for sure.  When we needed to drive the field, we often did throughout the season.  If we were to just let Shula create the plays and have input on the gameplan before the game, but just let Cam make the decisions on what plays to run on the field I think we can return to this year's level of performance.
  7. Key Factors in the Loss

    Yea, I mostly agree with you.  Ginn should have caught that INT, that was a f-up.  And Ginn has always been quick to hop out of bounds, he's so slight of frame he's scared of taking big hits.  That's just what you get with Ginn.  I definitely said right after that play that if he had just cut right he would have had a free lane to the end zone.  Both defenders were facing the sideline and wouldn't have been able to react in time.  But still, for a while there he was the only receiver catching the damn ball and moving the chains, so that's why imo it was a slight net positive for him on the night.
  8. I'm not saying we should, as is obvious by my post you quoted.  But if we did it would be because our offense obviously improved the LESS he had to do with it in-game. 
  9. Kony Ealy

    I texted my buddy during the 3rd quarter after the strip on Peyton that if we pulled that game out Ealy could very well be the MVP.  He played like a man possessed.
  10. Not Rivera, but Shula definitely.  Shula showed improvement this year, but it was more addition by subtraction of his control over the offense in-game.  I honestly don't know what we can do about it.  Who fires the OC after going 17-2?  If we did actually pull that trigger, who would we replace him with?  How would that impact the progression of the offense overall?  We're kinda stuck with Shula atm, it would seem.
  11. Key Factors in the Loss

    I didn't think Oher did a terrible job.  Almost all of the pressure was either allowed by Remmers, or a RB/TE not picking up their blitzer.  I saw both Dickson and Fozzy at times completely miss the blitzer and let them run free to Cam. I thought Cam played well given what he had to work with.  He was handcuffed by Shula and set up by Remmers to fail. Can't argue with the WR play.  Ginn had a few good plays, I'd give him a net positive on the game, but Cotchery was horrible and Funchess had one great grab but a few drops. Agreed on undisciplined poo. 100% agreed on the refs, all your points.
  12. Have to give some credit to Denver's defense

    Absolutely.  I'm not certain we would have won even if the game had been ref'd fairly.  They made Remmers their bitch from the jump off.  And with an OC that doesn't know how to adjust or relinquish control when he should, we didn't have much of a chance.
  13. And Cotchery, I mean GD.  The only catch he DID make was the one the refs stole from us.
  14. The slants to Ginn were working at times.  We just stopped calling them.  Every play was either a run up the middle (and WAY too many of them were Tolbert) or a pass play that took too damn long to develop.  There were lots of WRs letting us down, for every big play a WR made (Ginn, Brown and Funchess all made at least one amazing play) there were two crushing drops.  But those could have been overcome with more sensible playcalls.
  15. Offseason - Offense or Defense for DG

    We NEED a RT.  Remmers was more responsible than any individual player on our team for this game.  We need a DE, though Ealy showed the f out tonight.  We need a CB and probably a S.  If it were me, the positional priorities would go BPA among DE/RT in the first, the other one in the second, CB, then S.