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  1. I'm here all night to defend Cam..

    Honestly I wish Cam woulda done like....most everyone not on D... Shula please bitch slap him Cam worse than that to em Oher... fugin fat fug Tolbert with 2 fumbles My god Cam coulda went Ham...not to mention all the drops...including the one that led to his pick....he threw the ball a wittle too hawd for Teddy Ginn.  
  2. 2016 Early Power Rankings

    THe Steelers almost beat this Broncos team and that's with Big Ben in a wheelchair no Brown and no #1/2 RB....we let a much much easier SB slip by than a fully Healthy Steelers team or the Pats again at full str...Broncos are done obviously this was their.....uhh...fug...superbowl.  
  3. I admit this season meant nothing to me until I saw the SB appearance I'm always SB or bust...the AZ playoff win really got me up but that was the only true high point of the season for me does beg the why question...why do I care so much or why isn't every game super hype and happy wins or whatever it used to be...dunno wtf...I used to celebrate every win now it's just....dunno.
  4. TD deserves a SB ring more than fugin Peyton...he already had one fug this now i'm even more fugin fuged...fug this.
  5. I hope DG learned something tonight

    Can't believe you guys are responding to the anti Gettleman seriously you know what they say about arguing with an idiot. And right now I can't tell the difference....
  6. you guys suck.

    Hate probably isn't the word to describe staying up to cry about losing a SB....if you didn't care you wouldn't be on here in the first place...few trolls as the internet requires not withstanding.
  7. Carolina just did another run up the middle...oh and it gained 1 yard yay. That ought to show Denver whose boss.
  8. you guys suck.

    I personally think the people unmoved by a SB loss suck and are POS fugers so fug you right back.
  9. I feel terrible for Penaut and Allen

    Allen wasnt'  much of a factor....wonder if he is just done or does he need a full off season as a DE?
  10. Our WRs can't even get open in todays rules....the fug you think they'd be doing back then? oh cleaning jock straps? yea probably that.
  11. LOL Shula does not simply add wrinkles or change game plans.... Look at this idiots career before joining up with  Cam...
  12. If I ever see that will be wide fugin news....omfg....I've never wanted to....i gotta stop before i go overboard.
  13. Post Super Bowl thoughts

    Initially I thought the thought it was gonna be a forward pass but....IDGAF it's the SB...and it showed in that microcosm there if you took that play into a vacuum...this team clearly wasn't ready for the stage...dood gonna let the refs handle it in the SB...after they done fuged us all game...just total lack of situational awareness on the biggest stage in sports...I don't give a fugin fug what you thought dive your ass down and get that ball if it costs your your arm or whatever else. Sad that TD and Allen and some of those D boys were sacrificing and willing to die for the win but...Offense wanna dance instead of kill like Smitty....we needed that fire and that killer and we lack it on offense...our offense is marsh fugin mellow soft...showed up and got roasted tonight...fugin Denver was camping...  
  14. Where have I heard this before? Actually WHEN did I hear that last?  oh yea
  15. Is Vegas Really to Blame?

    Yup...always happens...when we get the majority of the votes so to speak and when we get most of the money from the's curtains GG we lose...that's why I posted before the game...allt hat bullshit attention has me always fugs itself in the ass when they do that....and today was no exception they imploded as you could have predicted if you paid close attention.