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  1. This being if we win of course.
  2. Must credit Sam Mills Fan. I have this triple sourced from people in the know. Plan accordingly.
  3. Interesting tweets. Republicans, Democrats, and white people are rooting for the Broncos; independents and non-whites are rooting for the Panthers. People think we'll win by a 56-32% margin:
  4. Charlotte is the only city in America with 2 or more sports teams to have never won a title. We're a combined 0 for 47 between the Hornets, the Bobcats, and the Panthers. The Charlotte Observer has covered 2,409 major league sporting events with those 3 franchises, none of which has been a championship win.   If we win, we finally break those streaks and probably start a Queen City dynasty. If we lose after being hyped up all season and being told we're going to win by virtually everyone over the past 2 weeks, it will be the most painful of the 2,410.   Also, special shoutout to all Panthers fans reading this that do NOT live in the Charlotte area (you're probably a majority.)
  5. Cam Newton disappointed me

    This is honestly the first negative fan reaction I've heard of with Cam in my life. He usually bends over backwards for fans in public. Oh well, nobody is perfect. This is why being a celebrity athlete has to be a little annoying, the guy can be nice to fans 999 times out of 1,000 and that 1 in 1,000 will make a thread on a board like this that will rack up the views and posts which leads to the perception that he's not fan-friendly.   And to the troll that said handing out the balls to kids is staged, it really is not. I could trot dozens of articles about positive fan reactions with Cam and I can tell you about many others behind the scenes that didn't get articles done. 
  6. Bronco S involved in prostituion sting

    We're talking about a practice squad player here. You could give me $100 and I couldn't tell you the name of more than 2 practice squad players of our own. Wes Horton...maybe? Was that Nate Askew guy from the Panther Pride rally a practice squader?
  7. This Is A Sign

    If the final score is literally 20-7, that picture will go viral.
  8. Pretty good choice. I think Lady Gaga and Coldplay/Beyonce is about as good as it gets nowadays. Anybody remember Beyonce's fantastic national anthem before XXXVIII?
  9. Meh. They're trying to build hype so people will watch. If they said nothing but the game would be a blowout, that doesn't exactly build viewership, does it?
  10. That IS what was reported. How did that escalate into sore with headaches?
  11.   Interesting. They're not making excuses already are they? Wonder if anyone has to go through the concussion protocol now?
  12. Collins never wanted to play in Charlotte to begin with. I remember him saying that when he was drafted by the Panthers, it didn't even feel like he was going to a real NFL team. He wanted the bright lights after success at Penn State and instead got Wofford and games at Clemson Year 1. 
  13. Madden Predicts Super Bowl 50

    If we win a Super Bowl with Cam diving into the end zone on the last play of the game, I will die of happiness.    Although, and I don't remember how much time was left, but if we were down 3 why didn't Rivera kick the field goal and send it to overtime?
  14. Okay, so there's one at least. It's still been overwhelmingly negative the other way, he's the (ex) Panther of this generation that I've heard the most horror stories about.