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  1. Am I absolutely crazy or didn't we have a bad snap against Dallas WAY back in the day when we had a fill-in long snapper? This guy would have to come in without a single practice with the team. Not good.
  2. CJ, Allen, Ealy: Who starts and does it matter?

    Hadn't considered that, makes a lot of sense.
  3. I think Johnson and Ealy will start and Jared Allen will still get a lot of snaps as will Mario Addison. Do you think it's a big deal to Jared Allen if he gets benched when CJ comes back on Thursday? I don't think it will be, like I said, I bet we'll still see him a lot.
  4. Panthers Get SI Cover

    Pretty sure the Panthers have literally never won the week they've been on the SI cover. It's been an eternity since they've been on it though, probably not since 2005.
  5. have a hard time putting the hate into words? It's this lurking, dark hatred inside me. It feels like an ancient hatred, a hatred bigger than myself. The Cowboys are the embodiment of all evil in the world. Their evil owner signing scumbag Greg Hardy. The assholes that make up their fan base. The extreme media bias that is going to turn the pregame show on Fox into 90% Cowboys, 10% Panthers even though we're 10-0 and they're 3-7.    Can anyone else relate? We could lose to the Cowboys, go 15-1 and win the Super Bowl, and a big part of me would still feel unsatisfied for losing to them.
  6. Horton suspended 4 games

    We have a tried and true history of defensive ends taking steroids.
  7. [thread title redacted]

    1. Nothing wrong with being gay. 2. Even if there were (and again, there's not) Tony Romo got with Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood before marrying Candice Crawford. That's a tier away from Jeter.
  8. [thread title redacted]

    It's 2015 and I'm guessing you were born in 1988 based off your username. Can we not break out a homophobic slur even for someone like Tony Romo?
  9. Josh Norman vs Dez Bryant

    The marquee individual matchup of the season so far. Who do you see winning?
  10. On a related note, Brett Jensen hasn't tweeted anything about Cam in well over a month. Hmmm...
  11. Sports Illustrated's Doug Farrar Get's It/The Panthers

    I always appreciate it when columnists actually speak from having watched us play full games, not just Sportscenter highlights like Bill Simmons.
  12. Where did I ever say this was Vegas just doing this on their own whim? I'm saying the betting public is incredibly, incredibly foolish.
  13. If it makes you guys feel any better, the other betting line I see out there right now has us as a 1 point favorite. Still though, wow. 
  14. I actually do wonder if they know something we don't. This is nutty otherwise.
  15. Let me put some Visine in to make sure I'm reading that right. Yeah, the Cowboys opened up as 2 point favorites. Incredible.