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  1. CarolinaKid704 added a post in a topic Madden 16   

    10-8 with the Bills online yet i'm still in the top 22% of all madden gamers. Something tells me they have really figured out a great way to match up opponents. I've crushed Broncos and Packers yet have battled it out with Rams and Eagles. I can easily tell that players with less talent max out their potential and EA has found a respectable measure to even things out.
    My last game against the Rams. I lost 2 fumbles early. This guy had a killer run game with Gurley and Mason. I only lost 16-6.
    My last 4 games against Packers and Broncos players I've outscored them easily.
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  2. CarolinaKid704 added a post in a topic Madden 16   

    deep zones and user adjustments will stop the deep bomb..also zone blitzes with and variety of a 7-8 man box will stop most of that, Its up to yall to figure it out though.
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  3. CarolinaKid704 added a post in a topic Madden 16   

    8-4 with the Bills online
    ps4: coachmitchell86
    Ive had a tough time against seahawks, texans and steelers so far. I don't know how the hell i'm off to a good start. Tyrod Taylor is awful but I won't change it up, too much fun having 6 players running the ball and my defense is always nasty. Its awesome going into a game not knowing who you play....only to find out its a monster team like the Broncos, and then kicking their ass.
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  4. CarolinaKid704 added a post in a topic Convince Me Madden 16 is Worth Buying   

    can we get a connected franchise going? I don't care if i'm in the damn Jaguars and each week advances every 2 weeks....we need to get this set up....for the ps4 of course.
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  5. CarolinaKid704 added a post in a topic Pretend this bar opens up in your city. Would you go to it?   

    This bar sounds like Hooligans Charlotte. Which is great cuz Hooligans has really grown over the popularity of soccer and adult sports leagues around town. If you set up that kind of vibe, with Panthers on Sunday then you might have something going year round.
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