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  1. Salvo added a post in a topic Post a pic, any pic.   

  2. Salvo added a post in a topic The panthers will not look to add another receiver per Rivera   

    Rivera says a lot of things.
    Just because he says one thing, doesn't mean he (and Gettles) will be all over a talented WR that gets cut from another team by the end of preseason.
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  3. Salvo added a post in a topic About those 5 Things ...   

    Not too worried about the offense.
    Rex threw the kitchen sink at the Panthers last night. That defense looked pretty tricky and like what was said earlier, it's probably because he wanted to invigorate the fanbase. Can't really blame him, but it really seemed to catch the O off guard. Once Cam got out of his funk, they looked solid...
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  4. Salvo added a post in a topic The offensive player I'm most excited about, and you probably should be too.   

    I cringed when he took that hit in the back. Got back up like nothing happened...
    And the nerve of the ref to call taunting for flipping the football. BS like that will catch up to the NFL one day....
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  5. Salvo added a post in a topic Preseason pie?   

    Suck it, Buffalo announcers...Bitchiest commentators I've ever had to listen to.
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  6. Salvo added a post in a topic What would you guys like to see from our team during the Bills game?   

    More production in the red zone
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  7. Salvo added a post in a topic NFL August 2015 Power Rankings   

    Because I go to Business Insider for their insightful NFL analysis....
    Said no one ever...
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  8. Salvo added a post in a topic Mini-Melee: Josh Norman VS Cam Newton   

    Not worried about it...
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  9. Salvo added a post in a topic Another ESPN QB Ranking   

    Another ESPN QB ranking list that I couldn't care less about...
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  10. Salvo added a article in Carolina Panthers   

    Carolina Panthers sign Quintin Mikell

    Joe Person ‏@josephperson
    #Panthers have agreed to terms with free agent safety Quintin Mikell, per league source.

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