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  1. #1 scoring offense bitches!!!
  2. Start resting our starters. Knowing the Falcons, they're frustrated and I definitely can see them start taking their anger out on the field.
  3. One of the best catches this season. Damn, Ed
  4. I'm not one to give props to the enemy, but the Saints came out hard today. Good for them to keep fighting... I think we should expect to see the same fervor from our other divisional rivals in the coming weeks.
  5. Salvo

    About those 5 Things ...

    Not too worried about the offense. Rex threw the kitchen sink at the Panthers last night. That defense looked pretty tricky and like what was said earlier, it's probably because he wanted to invigorate the fanbase. Can't really blame him, but it really seemed to catch the O off guard. Once Cam got out of his funk, they looked solid...