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  1. Local Denver TV news is worse...*barf*
  2. Only chance Os sees the field is if Peyton poos the bed and Kubiak makes the switch during the game like he did a few weeks ago. No way that happens right before the game.
  3. The NFL sure makes it ambiguous. I get what you're saying and it just might be the pants that can be manipulated rather than the actual jersey for it be considered as an alternate. I'm very certain the Super Bowl requires a standard uniform, which probably disqualifies the black pants outright. But who knows...don't really give a fug regardless.
  4. Alternate jerseys aren't allowed in superb owls. Hench, no all blacks. In case no one actually knew that...
  5. Broncos to Wear All White

    Topic started 10 min ago and we're already to multiple pages.... Has to be a uniform thread.
  6. Denver 2016

    A super bowl rematch will cost a fortune. Rats
  7. Bronco fans are a cocky bunch. I'm surrounded by them. The amount of ignorance about our team and sheer blind homerism for theirs takes it to a whole new level. 
  8. Official one and only Superb Owl 50 Pie

    I'm still in shock. Un...real All these years....

  10. Post a pic, any pic.

  11. Field Issues

    I'm more worried about the pass rush slowing down like it did against the Colts on that crappy field.
  12. Lovie Smith... OUT?!?!

    So much for modeling after the Panthers...
  13. Any scenario where we rest starters next week?

    Rest starters if we have the Bucs blown out by the 4th quarter and when there's no chance for a comeback. Not a fan of resting starters from the get-go, especially after a crap game like today.