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  1. Dab Like No One’s Watching

    As he's holding a superb owl trophy?   Cataclysmic.. 
  2. Because The Golden Calf of Bristol has no say in the girls he dates..   He sounds like an abused spouse judging from some opinions here.   
  3. Matty Ice is melting....

    6 hours later, Matty Ice Up Son still has a nice ring to it.. 
  4. I don't get it.  Religious views containing human perspectives are largely exaggerated, but to each their own.     
  5. I had to down beer after beer to avoid such convos..   It stems from his "cockiness"  now that there are fewer and fewer things to gripe about.    Mind blowing.   People are so far from self-aware when it comes to what truly sparks these reactions. 
  6. The lethality of the Panthers

    Some how, some way... 
  7. Saints game flexed

    Flexed for who?  And what time?   Why?   
  8. Luke Bryan

    Hey, at least he didn't fall off stage this time     
  9. Johnson and Hardy

    "my team is winning..    Cap salary is a bitch in today's NFL or those PFF grades would be that much more spectacular."
  10. Johnson and Hardy

    I'm convinced all the hero's were wrong and Hardy got stuck in a fuged up situation... 
  11. Thus us why you NEVER AGAIN bitch about getting respect.   You win, you get respect.    Simple and plain.   
  12. LOL @ Friday Morning Coverage

    At least first take opened up with glory....   
  13. J.Jones.... Karma is a bitch

    It definitely does....       That's why it's illegal to leave the scene of an accident.  So the car doesn't go wreck itself after claiming you haven't seen crazy yet.    That's how it works right?   I could be wrong.     
  14. Rodney Harrison

    I can't say much for the reason of an edit so fug it...  However,  I think Cam confused people with the Elvis Presley by pulling an old school "under the water'..   I mean, I don't know what that was in the 60s but at least he pulled the great forest Gump move that flowed through twitter..     His press conference is cool though.  Shout out to Hatty though.