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  1. Well that means he can only get better. If he is raw and he isnt that bad, Im assuming that he could have a high ceiling.
  2. NOOOOOOOO. Gay pride infiltrating football. To each his/her own but dang can we atleast have eye candy at the game. dang.
  3. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    They better be looking at RB 1st or 2nd round if they pull this off. I agree, I'll miss Stew but it does need to happen. We missed out on Fournette and Im happy with CMC in the pass game but we need young legs back there that can hit the holes.
  4. Revisiting the Peterson question

    I dont care about the spanking. If the child deserved it, he deserved it. Children are bad today because they dont get those spankings. But thats a whole different topic. I wouldnt mind him. He isnt a every down back but he can still hit the hole better than Stewart.
  5. Mike Tolbert Coming Home?

    why wehn we have a tolbert called stewart already.
  6. Receivers need to be #1 priority.

    Jarvis Landry we should pick up.
  7. Receivers need to be #1 priority.

    I think RB is the main need. Jonathan Stewart isnt doing to much and CMC isnt a full time RB. We need to get rid of CAP and Fozzy if they arent panning out and get a true RB1. WR is a need but I think we can address that with 1 good FA signing. Take in account Samuel and Bryd have been out close to the whole year along with Olsen. We really havent seen these two get adequate enough time on field to write them off. Bryd showed promise. We get a solidied WR2 that can get separation we will be good at WR. SS is the next concern Coleman is smart but not fast and him and Adams are up there in age. We need a ball hawk back here.
  8. This right here. CMC wont be a power back. Stewart needs to take a backseat and we need to address the running game. Stewart is getting old and he needs a diminished role. CMC is a good change of pace but not a every down back. He is better catching out the backfield and slot receiver along with KR/PR. If CAP hasnt shown us nothing and fozzy we need to move on from them and draft a true RB1. Address WR need in FA. Find someone who is proven to know how to get separation. 3rd address SS. Adam and Coleman are old. Good still but old. We need a young SS back there that can be a ball hawk. Address that in the 2nd Rd. Hopefully Peppers comes and does one more year and get rid of Johnson. Let go of Star although I like him but we need to sign Norwell. Butler showed promise this year. Gunter I think needs to take Worley spot. 3rd rd get depth on RE.
  9. Mike Shula Appreciation Thread

    Your right but the red zone effectiveness is what lost us alot of games especially against the saints. We moved done there with ease but got to the redzone and kicked fgs. Alot of people are saying go for WR, I say we need a solid, true RB. Stewart is not it and I think our oline is good enough. CMC isnt a true RB and lacks the size. Cam is our only true RB we have and thats not going to cut it. Part of the reason there was no separation for receivers was because no one feared Stewart and they knew CMC is only good when he catches out in the open. We need to get a solid RB and go RB, WR, WR, SS. I hope Gunter gets a starting spot next year. He looked solid out there in the short time he played. Worley I think will may take a turn for the best next year. We can also go SS first round and Ill be happy. And sign a solid Free Agent WR and think that will do it. Byrd showed he can ball and 1 WR and a solid RB with 1st rd safety will do the trick.
  10. Mike Shula & Ken Dorsey FIRED

    Yes but Shula didnt know how to use the cards he was dealt with. The receivers couldnt get separation but Patriots dont have absolute speedsters other than cooks and they do well every year. Shula gameplans wasnt good for the overall outcome. He forced the pieces to do what he wanted them to do.
  11. It would be stupid to go for it. Giving us the ball on the 50 with 2 mins
  12. About time we stop shooting ourselves in the foot
  13. I agree with Jeremy on Norman. I hope Ted Ginn talks to Norman about chasing checks.
  14. Aye PntherPryd. Where you watching the game at sunday. I live in Jacksonville.

    1. PntherPryd


      I'm trying to score tickets to the game so not sure.  The local Roaring Riot chapter meets at Dig & Dive off of Market St.


    2. ncsfinest21


      Thanks man. I know I was trying to get tickets myself but they are beyond my range now.