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  1. Cam Newton and Panthers cards are hot on eBay

    I got about 23 different cam rookie cards. Right now he is looking Jordanes to me. Them cards in 20 years are going to be a fortune. But I aint selling them  
  2. Braylon Beam Going To Superbowl Courtesy Of Ellen Show

    It's caled the element of surprise
  3. Who is the number 1 focus on Denver Offense?

    Honestly, I think its Thomas, his size makes him a big target and knowing how peyton has to throw high, he can go up and catch it.
  4. Alot of people are talking about Cam vs Manning. And Carolinas front seven. But does anybody know about Denvers offensive line. We know we can get to the QB but is denver offensive line good enough to give Peyton enough time to pick apart our zone and allow receivers to find holes in the zone. I know they lost Clady who I think was one of the better OT but for the rest of the group, how do they fair against a good pass rush. I think this is the biggest key of the game for us. Our success on defense relies on the pass rush. We get KK and Star in the middle getting pressure Peyton will have to throw off his back foot and knowing his throwing power isnt 100%, there could be alot of turnovers. How good is this Denver offensive line?
  5. KB really does just tower over everyone...

    Im saying and they say he aint about team. They just dont know the half of who he is.
  6. The thing is alot of people was iffy cause they didnt know Cam. He really came out of nowhere because he didnt get hardly no PT at florida behind The Golden Calf of Bristol.Then the laptop incident and then Blinn college and nobody hears anything from there. Then all a sudden boom Auburn goes undefeated behind Cam. If you look at the trend the guy worked his tail off to get back to competing on a high level and ran away with it. I was happy we drafted him first because anybody that can fight through adversity in their young adult college career and come back to win a BCS Championship and go undefeated at that has the heart of a champion. Yea his mechanics werent all that there but the guy had tremendous upside which we see now. I knew it would happen it was only a matter of time.
  7. black lives matter planning to disrupt super bowl!! #nojusticenosuperbowl

    Me too, but blacks have to remember blacks live matters too, half the murders blacks do to their own kind. 
  8. Love your vids bro. To get me through the offseason, I had to download games off youtube so I can watch them til next season. Looking forward to a celebration vid when we hoist that lombardi.
  9. Good luck bro. Everywhere will be packed. Get there early as possible like as soon as they open.
  10. Im hoping they have a watch party at the stadium. But I dont know since Jerry took all the employees to the game  
  11. Pretty cool story. Im from Jacksonville NC. Born and raised. If you know anything about Jacksonville we are attached to Camp Lejeune marine corp base. I cant stand this town. I decided to go off to school to Chattanooga TN in 2001. In 2004, I heard hype about a HS guy in Atlanta at westlake. Chattanooga is only 2 hrs from atlanta. So I went to see his HS game at westlake. Ive been following him ever since. Through his ups and downs. I thought he would be a bust after FL. Because usually alot of stars never go nowhere because of mistakes and some of the best players never get a shot because of dumb decisions. But when he showed back up at Auburn, he put on a show. Dude revived his career and rededicated his life to being better than ever. Ive always been a die hard panthers fan. Been there from Kevin Greene, Kerry Collins, Sam Mills, Rae Curruth incident, Jake delhomme inserted in the middle of the season and somehow taking us to the super bowl. The 2003 failure of Jake at Arizona. the Jimmy Clausen era (Pickles, matter of fact someone check out his wife, she is bad, dont know how he got that). And what you know the player Ive been watching since HS lands on my favorite team. Ive always liked Cam. Through his life, he deserves this moment. He has overcomed alot along with TD, GREG, OHER and others. We got a team more than warriors, these guys have overcome alot and they deserve every bit of this.
  12. Do you know when they will hold the parade when they win. Its a 5 hr trip to Charlotte from here and I would love to attend both but work schedule might hold me to attend 1. Also are they holding a watch party at the stadium?
  13. Heads up: White Olsen Jersey Finally Available!

    Elite Nike Jersey or nothing. I got my card ready for the order of the Super Bowl memorabilia though. Where is the Keep Pounding. That has to be in there.  
  14. Do you have to be a member. Im coming there. I live in Jacksonville, NC. But Im debating on coming there for the super bowl or the festival they will have when they shut down the streets. 
  15. Wait... what?

    Kerry freaking Collins. Ill put it this way. If you know Jimmy Clausen nickname you good.