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  1. ncsfinest21

    Don’t ask Cam about the SB fumble...

    Cam was pissed. He had to turn away before he knocked the boy out. Little disrespectful kids.
  2. ncsfinest21

    Trade up for a Safety in round 2?

    Go get Josh. We need a good cb. And get a rb all in the 2nd.
  3. Well that means he can only get better. If he is raw and he isnt that bad, Im assuming that he could have a high ceiling.
  4. NOOOOOOOO. Gay pride infiltrating football. To each his/her own but dang can we atleast have eye candy at the game. dang.
  5. I agree with Jeremy on Norman. I hope Ted Ginn talks to Norman about chasing checks.
  6. Aye PntherPryd. Where you watching the game at sunday. I live in Jacksonville.

    1. PntherPryd


      I'm trying to score tickets to the game so not sure.  The local Roaring Riot chapter meets at Dig & Dive off of Market St.


    2. ncsfinest21


      Thanks man. I know I was trying to get tickets myself but they are beyond my range now.

  7. ncsfinest21

    Cam's Clear Case for MVP

    The thing isfor me when it comes to MVP. You cant compare it to the best QB. When defensive players can be considered as MVP, you cant base it all on TDs. You have to look at the whole overall game of the player. In this sense its a no brainer. Cam has done the most this year and with sub par weapons. At the beginning of the year, receivers were dropping the ball alot. Cam by far even if they were 9-7 with those stats has had his best year ever. Next year he will be better with KB back. But this is only the beginning for Cam. This is a dynasty in the making.
  8. ncsfinest21

    Hawks Fans are mad RW isn't MVP

    15-1 or 10-6. Nuff said
  9. ncsfinest21

    What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    What does Dallas have Dez and a sore Romo. Jason Witten that Shaq can easily keep up with. Dez who is good but I think Norman will have the most passes come his way than he has this year. I can see him getting two ints.
  10. In all honesty I was more scared at the Indy game then this one. We couldve scored 47 points in this game if Graham made his fg and Cam didnt overthrow Greg. I thought our offense was clicking. You sort of have to expect good QBs to make a comeback but I think we get gassed in the 4th and dont push as hard and play more bend but dont break instead of looking to break.
  11. Prediction: Ginn catches too long bombs today. #FantasyPoints #JustPlaying #InHisDreams
  12. ncsfinest21

    Panthers - Eagles Predictions

    We average near 25 points. If you include a turnover or 2 on Philly side I see 31-24
  13. ncsfinest21

    Happy 36th Birthday Smitty

    People act like they forgot him. Smitty is and will always be my favorite Panther. How can you forget a player that helped us go 12-4 and we get rid of him and then go 7-8-1 the next season.