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  1. Good lord....

    Do you ever wonder how Capers keeps his job. They have been terrible for years
  2. Comfortable with running backs?

    Sorry didn't see it.. Why has he not seen the field? Is he not better than Fozzy?
  3. Comfortable with running backs?

    You are very right and that was part of why the ? Newton takes a lot of hits Stewart is 30 and just feel there is no speed in that backfield and speed kills in this league. A really quick back that Newton could shuttle to, flare to, have a delay called or even a quick hitter would help a lot and the Panthers don't have that to my mind. To me, and no offense to anyone, in my opinion it's the weakest link on a team that prides itself in running. Just thought they'd go for a more speed. I just look at all those ends collapsing on Newton and that quick back to pitch to would help a lot
  4. Comfortable with running backs?

    How many of you are comfortable with the running backs? i see all this focus on WRs and just don't get it i am not comfortable with what is behind Stewart. They are slow to hit the gaps and I feel no true quality depth behind him either Yes I know CAP had two runs but the guy is slow out there disappointed that was not addressed given Stewart's history in a 16 game season. A true change of pace quick back could have helped in that Denver Super Bowl a lot too (along with better tackles or tackle play and game plan of course) with shuttle passes and runs in the spit Miller vacated .. I just think that lack of depth and speed In the backfield is going to come calling this year
  5. Falcons training with Navy Seals

    Did anyone else see that article online? it made me laugh as that smacks of desperation to me Seals tough guys....Falcons....well...
  6. LA Rams = 2016 Hard Knocks

    What a surprise highlighting LA i am out there frequently and when that team starts losing the support will drop i never understood why the NFL thinks this will be different was a la rams fan as a kid
  7. I did it I bought PSL's

    You won't regret it. Even during the failed clausen and weinke experiments we had fun drinking every time they failed to get a first down. By the time the 4th qtr cutoff stopped. It didn't matter anymore
  8. Has there been a bigger Carolina miss in the NFL draft?

    How about all the QBs the Panthers could have drafted and didn't, believing Delhomme was the guy and that arm was fine . With Fox probably just as well...if you go back and look,it will make you cry
  9. About those corners...

    I am aware of it and my opinion on that is if a GM thinks enough of a player to use it and apply it, then that GM lives with it. There other categories that could have been used. this move cost a lot more than just Norman himself. The Panther GM caused a loss of depth that he could have used. That the team could have used. its water over the bridge now. Well over it he is the NFL Executive of the year I expect more frankly. Maybe that's the issue for me. I expect with his experience to handle it to benefit the Panthers and I really struggle with losing an all pro and drafting three players in a position that as he himself says, doesn't matter much in the Panthers scheme
  10. About those corners...

    Last year is over. Glad for the wins some could have gone another way a year is a lifetime in the young man's game of pro football Rosters have to turn over frequently we all know this both the Falcons and broncos gave the blueprint on the panthers and also the inability of the panthers' OC to do a quicker offensive play selection to neutralize that rush either we don't have it or we can't execute it I seem to recall gettleman saying cornerback isn't that important in our scheme. Th e front seven is...quite an epiphany to draft 3 corners don't you think just my opinion not arguing with anyone there were players there to make numerous positions better instead we got nothing this year for Norman we focused on one position group to the extreme and stayed pat with positions that needed an upgrade i really feel that Super Bowl should have been a wake up call on the coaching staff and some players instead it's the 'so glad to have been there ' platitudes Will kelvin make difference maybe Stewart another year older as is Khalil dont get it I'm not paid to get it just my observation i just pay to watch them play
  11. About those corners...

    Great. But that is next year compensatory
  12. About those corners...

    I dont really care who he drafted or what position they are or how they are ranked by some sports reporter Four questions worth asking 1. How does a GM let an All Pro walk and get nothing? Nada. Zero. Zip an additional second or third round pick could have made a lot of difference this year 2. How did anything done during this draft make the Panthers one bit better against premier defenses Seems to me the defensive backfield wasn't the reason for that super bowl loss or the beating Newton took from Atlanta Speed against slow tackles, kills 3. Aging and injury prone RB with third stringers behind them and an aging center in constract year 4 edge rushers If he finds a replacement for Norman, good for him but giving away an All Pro and getting nothing for it, not smart and then the ancillary impact of wasting not two but three draft picks to fill the void. This offense needs upgrades. Gettlemen would do well to consider Newton's replacement in two years as his body can't take the beating he is getting
  13. In case you lost count....

    You just made a bad football weekend worse
  14. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    I'm sorry only every once in awhile does small schools work out. Lord
  15. Biggest Panthers needs/solution going into draft

    Probable defensive end but for a run heavy team anyone who thinks Stewart, FoZzy, CAP are the answers,nope. Stewart is approaching 30. His healthy meter ,can go band any second with those ankles and feet. The RBs behind him collectively are 3rd string at best. Tolbert, pls spot player at best this backfield needs speed...cutting speed and burst at the line. They don't have it. Atlanta and Tampa will be better defensively its time. Again DE probable