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  1. Trai Turner hires new representation...

    Hopefully the team doesn't let him graduate. I'd like him to stick around campus a few more years
  2. Dave Gettleman...Thug Life...Enjoy

    I could listen to that guy all day.....he's dreamy
  3. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    Makes sense. I watched some more games of his last night, the Georgia Tech game specifically displayed his lack of coverage ability. It was downright ugly. Lost in space, flat footed, inability to read and recgonize, and understand zone concepts. I said after watching he has to play lb. He's strictly a downhill run stuffing SLB imo.
  4. Panthers Tango with Cash

    Good point. Anyone we roll out next year is going to be an upgrade over Harper. He was so slow, and couldn't make up ground in coverage. To add to my point on Cash, he seemed lost but to be fair he wasn't asked to cover much from the games I watched. If he has decent instincts I'd consider him or Boston as an immediate upgrade.
  5. Panthers Tango with Cash

    Never was a huge fan. He gets lost in coverage and was strictly a box safety. With that said he has the physical tools and I'm looking forward to seeing what our coaches can do with him.
  6. 7th rnd: TE: Beau Sandland

    Person is an idiot, none of that is correct.......Anyway I like this pick, just watched and read a little about him. Played as an in-line blocker and split out wide, good athlete, very goode blocker and has some athleticism. To co-sign what some others said, maybe we can develop him and he pushes Dickson out next year. I've wanted to upgrade our #2 TE for a while so maybe he can be our guy, there isn't a better player to model yourself after than Olsen.
  7. These are gonna be some of probably the most anticipated rookie deubts I can remember in a while. Most of our picks i've know what to expect for the most part because I've seen multiple games of them and know what type of player they are. I have no idea about these guys and this is the most research I've ever done before a draft. I have extreme confidence in our f.o and coaching staff however and can't wait to see these guys. If they can play we'll get it out of them.
  8. Not sure if some of you are idiots or you really think scouts get the same game film(tv view) that we see. They get what they call "all 22" where they see the entire field and are able to zoom, rewind, etc
  9. Not sure if it was mentioned, and I'm not looking thru the thread to find it......but he was the Wvu player that got punched in the head by a T A&M coach in an incident that went viral
  10. Both corners seem to be Gettleman type guys. Tall, lanky, physical, who prefer zone. Got to admit they were not on my radar at all, but I trust in Gettleman. I look forward to doing some research on them in the coming days.
  11. Apparently he was suspended from WVU for an incident were he pushed a woman to the ground......yikes

    Daryl Worley cb West Virginia
  13. Did Chris Gamble Announce our Pick?

    Their not showing the presenters...I'm done with them, NFLN it is
  14. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    I'm about done with this Espn coverage....their not showing the presenters