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  1. TD having surgery this morning

    Never bet against Thomas Davis when the opponent is pain. He will make you a fool.
  2. Joe Person is dumb

    Quotes - important here - Roman Harper as saying this: Joe Person ‏@josephperson 12m12 minutes ago Roman Harper: "It's the most disappointing 14-0 locker room I've been a part of."   Another *actual* reporter posts this: Max Henson ‏@PanthersMax 9m9 minutes ago Roman Harper: "This is the most disappointed 14-0 team I've ever seen in my life. And that's a great thing."   The Panthers official account retweeted the second one. Showing, once again, that Joe Person likes to make up things to cause controversy. There is a HUGE difference between the first quote and the second. Why is this guy still employed?
  3. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    And a big fat fug you to everybody that was apologizing for this mother fuger with your "derp he wasn't technically found guilty derp" bullshit when the facts of the case were so overwhelming against Hardy. Hopefully some of you blind ass homers learned a lesson from this. Just because a dude wears black and blue doesn't make him a Panther that deserves your respect and admiration. This thread is full of the same back biting people who were defending this cat tooth and nail and calling for Goodell's head for having him on the exemption list, which I'm sure at least half of you will deny.
  4. A nod to Ryan Delaire

    Hate to be a wet blanket, but Delaire was over-pursuing all game. There were many times that we lost contain because of how wide he was coming around the tackle trying to sneak around behind Wilson. It's a problem that you see a lot with speed rushers. When you're tasked with holding up your side of the defensive line, you can't run so far upfield that the QB has a clear running lane or a clear passing lane. I'm sure the coaches are going to work with him on his hands, because it's usually the kind of thing you see with DE that aren't comfortable working inside of tackles. If you go around the corner, you better make sure you get there to make the play. If you don't, you've just boned your entire defense. He didn't have a bad game, but it's certainly not one worth praising him over. 
  5. Final Panthers Cuts

    Do we have to read 30 pages of garbage before finding out who the cuts are or do we have a real thread with a running tally?
  6. Ted "Born A" Ginn

    I won't say it's a fluke, because dude is fast, but 7 catches over 3 games isn't all that much to get excited about. The fact that we haven't been moving the chains effectively enough with Steve, Brandon, and Greg is a problem. Ginn is good for a surprise deep route every game, and to his credit Cam has been delivering the ball on time for the most part, but if he gets too predictable on those routes we lose that weapon too because Ginn simply can't make tough catches in traffic or over dudes. Better teams aren't going to let Ginn do this all season especially with our other guys underperforming and dropping catchable passes.   Remember that time Armanti Edwards was supposed to break out this season too? Damn.
  7. Official Panthers Cuts Thread...

    I can't believe how useless Person is at reporting cuts. He's literally finding out after players post it themselves and citing "league sources", when he should be the league source. You're the beat writer. Talk to somebody.
  8. Nahhh... that's way too high of a score (gets way too diffcult at about 25k points). I don't have the time to put into it. OK, I have the time, but I'd rather use it for more... engaging games. :P Congratulations though; I want an autograph!

  9. LOL! It got a little laggy on my screen for some reason I think it worked to my benefit. More reaction time. I guess in some way that is cheating.... but hey, it gives you something to shoot for now.

  10. Cheater! :P

  11. rep when it comes back!

  12. You're the man, Dan. Thanks for engaging with the Charlotte community.