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  1. We aren't the only ones that have noticed...

    I have the same exact one coming Monday too. We'll have to review it.
  2. Romo

    He did not look right today. I don't know if it was food poisoning, the flu, maybe he was hung over. I don't know, whatever it was he looked under the weather and poor guy did not have a good day.  Usually I feel no remorse for the guy but he was so pathetic today I actually felt bad for him.
  3. An undefeated season facing the undefeated Patriots in the Superbowl is my dream.    Honestly, the team that scares me the most as far as the regular season is the Bucs even though statistically the Falcons have the best chance since they have 2 shots.
  4. I'm always a little nervous for games. But come playoffs I'll be a mess. There's no mulligans in the postseason.
  5. PHOTOS - Music City Takeover!

    It was great. I didn't get to tailgate with y'all but Zack was super helpful and is obviously a great guy and fan. A few procrastinating friends ended up scalping tickets and ended up moving over by us. When we left they were talking about how cool the Roaring Riot is.
  6. The Music City Takeover - Nashville

    Hey man. I have my group all paypaling me money by tomorrow at 9 am. I still cant message u but if you message me we can swap email addresses and make this happen. cool?
  7. Need your help naming a beer

    Butthurt Banner
  8. The Music City Takeover - Nashville

    can you quote me a price per? I can't dm you. It says you don't receive them.
  9. The Music City Takeover - Nashville

    I'm planning on coming. I have approximately 7+ people in my crew. Hopefully we'll be able to tailgate with yall. We also do not have tickets yet. I assume we'll be able to scalp them but if there's any way we can get in y'alls section that'd be awesome but unexpected due to our procrastination on planning.
  10. Hey man,

    If you remember, I'm in Nashville and talked to you about maybe starting up a  group here but since I'm here short-term decided not to. 


    Anyways, I am planning on attending the game this sunday with a few other people. Was wondering if you guys have a tailgate or anything going on in Nashville? We'd love to come out and tailgate with yall.

  11. Jeremy Lin - Superior Lintellect

    now that's funny and not racist at all. :p
  12. Stupid catholics are never original I shoulda realized.
  13. I'm actually very optimistic about this team right now. Torin Dorn is the real deal. This kid is incredible. I really think he'll step in and make a huge impact.  Shaun Kirk, as one youtube commenter stated, has "stupid bounce." This kid is 6 foot 7 and absolutely flies up to the rim with either hand. He's skinny and his shooting is very raw. He's a more raw, less ripped version of Abu. He's someone we're going to have to invest a year or 2 into before we'll know what he really can do. Maverick Rowan is a 6 foot 7 forward from just down the street at Cardinal Gibbons High School. I see some Larry Bird in this kid's game and not just because he's white... well that does have something to do with it. He can dribble, he can pass and that shooting motion is so smooth and technically sound.   Add these 3 pieces to a roster with Cat, Beejay, Abdul-Malik, Caleb, Cody, Lennard... oh I can't wait and lets not forget T.J. Henderson can really ball out too and we'll get to see him this year.
  14. Hornets Resigning Elliot Williams

  15. He's slowly winning me over...

    Lol, he said his doppleganger was this guy: