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  1. Holly Holm just knocked out Rousey

    And to be honest, I really don't see a rematch going much different, except Rhonda won't try to stand with her.  But when all is said and done, Holly's skill with take the day.  Of course that's if Rousey ever fights again.  This wasn't just a loss, it was a beat down.  The type that can shatter a fighters confidence and will to continue.  There was nothing she could do against Holm.  Holm had superior footwork, more speed, and was able to block and power out of Rhonda's bread and butter.  I just don't see Rhonda improving enough to overcome Holly's superior skill level.  I can easily see her using her burgeoning movie career as an excuse to keep her out of the octagon with Holm again.  After all, she was already headed in that direction anyway. 
  2. Holly Holm just knocked out Rousey

    Rousey has been overrated for a while now.  Unfortunately, though, it's not really her fault.  There just isn't that much real talent in her weight class.  So she hasn't had anyone that can truly challenge and push her.  She knew going into pretty much every fight that she could bully her way to a win.  But what all those fights never showed her was just how one dimensional she was.  When in all your fights you're fighting someone that just can't match your strength and isn't an overly skilled striker, it tends to make you overconfident in your own abilities.  I think that Rhonda truly thought she could hang with Holly on her feet until she could throw her to the ground and dominate her way to a win.  Unfortunately for Rousey, what she found was a woman whose striking skills are light years ahead of her own, and someone that is actually stronger than she is, so her bully tactics don't work.  I don't think it was that Rhonda didn't prepared properly, I just think that Holly outclassed her in every facet of the match, and Rhonda had no answer. 
  3. If there's one thing this board is known for it's bitching about bitching.  And don't worry, I'm not bitching, I'm observing. Seriously though, most here love Cam's celebrations because he's our QB.  Most of our opponent's fans hate him because we're beating them and they are frustrated.  But be honest with yourself, if we were on the other side, we would be calling him a douche.  It's a simple matter of perspective.  When an opponent has an elaborate celebration, it feels like rubbing it in our faces, but when one of our guys does, it seems like he's just having fun and being a big kid.  We understand Cam, and realize that he is a high quality person that represents himself and the Panthers very well, but those outside of our fan base don't know and understand him as well as we do, so judge him based off of the little they see of him, like 1st down or TD celebrations.   
  4. New Star Wars Trailer...

    The prequels were more about George Lucas' ego than Star Wars.  He tried to show how clever he is and what great special effects he can make.  And it was a colossal failure (from an artistic point of view).  He somehow was able to lose the feel and heart of the original series, while keeping just enough names and places to call it Star Wars.  But this new movie looks to have the same feel and focus of the original.  It seems to be back to storytelling and the relationships between the characters rather than the flash of the prequels.  And they were smart to include everyone from the originals.  It brings it full circle while introducing new characters to lead future films.  Oh, and the casting seems so much better (but how could anything without Hayden Christianson not be). 
  5. Hornets Can't Escape Mediocrity

    I don't get why anyone would even consider doing that trade.  Most, if not all, of those picks will be mid to late firsts.  And the NBA is not like the NFL where every 1st round pick is expected to be a key contributor.  To give it context, the top ten in the NBA would be equivalent to a 1st round pick in the NFL, 11-20 would be 2nd and 3rd rounders, and the rest of the first would be comparable to mid-late round picks.  2nd rounders in the NBA are UDFA's.  So really, trading #9 for all those 1st's would be the equivalent of trading a 1st for a mid 2nd, a 3rd, a 5th, and a 6th...simply not worth it.  The decision to take Frank over Winslow is a separate issue.  One that can be debated, but it still comes down to team evaluation and fit.  Like it or not, the team felt Frank was a better fit for this team than Winslow, and they also clearly felt he was worthy of being picked at #9.  Just because the talking heads felt Winslow was a top five talent doesn't mean every team did...particularly a team that already has a player with similar strengths and weaknesses.  The only way Winslow would have been a fit here was if the team was willing to trade MKG, which they clearly weren't.  So, the debate isn't whether or not we should have taken the deal, but whether or not Frank was the right choice.      
  6. Jeremy Lin signs with hornets

    Chris Paul would have loved playing for Michael Jordan...if Jordan owned a championship caliber team and had the money to pay him.  He didn't, so Paul went elsewhere. Dreams are nice, they just need substance to mean anything. 
  7. Actually, I think it was last year that reeked of desperation.  They thought signing Hayward would fix the offense (a desperation move in itself, IMO), but when that didn't work out, they panicked and brought in Lance.  However, I think they recognized their mistakes last year and went into this offseason with a very distinct plan, and have followed that plan to a T.  They wanted shooters, not just scorers, but guys that can legitimately shoot with range.  They also wanted to give themselves as much size and flexibility as possible.  So they traded an unknown asset and role player for a known player that can shoot, play defense, and has the versatility to play either wing position.  Then they went and brought in another shooter in Lamb, and took a shooting big man in Frank.  Not to mention trading last year's mistake for another big shooter.  I'm sure with all the moves they knew they would have to sacrifice some defense, but likely felt the offensive improvements would overcome any losses on defense.  And while we lost some interior defense, we still have some solid defensive players on the team.  So, the tradeoff shouldn't decimate Cliffs desire for a solid defensive team...just makes us more balanced.        Overall, the moves the team made this year should make us a very well rounded team that will be a dangerous matchup for anyone.  We now have the ability to go big or small, and have players that can compete if we get into a shootout.  The only things we are lacking that may keep us from being a legitimate title contender is a solid interior defensive force that can get us 10-12 rebounds a night and star who can take over the game and carry the team when needed.   As for next year and beyond, we should have the ability to keep everyone we want as long as they perform as expected, and still be able to bring in some interior help.  Other than whether or not our new players play up to expectations, the only question is if they will want to stay here.  Batum, for example, has the chance to be really good for us for a long time, and, IMO, is a perfect partner for MKG on the wings.  But, he will be a FA next year, so hopefully he'll be happy here and want to stick around.  If not, then we'll be headed back to the drawing board.  But I have a feeling if he breaks out like I think he will, he will not be in a hurry to go anywhere.
  8. I don't think Al fits the direction they are taking this team anymore.  Cliff and Cho seem to want a more athletic, versatile team that has the flexibility to match up with anyone.  I don't see a one dimensional, lane-clogger being their ideal franchise guy.  So, I believe his time here is about to run out (maybe even by the trade deadline if Frank shows early that he is ready for meaningful minutes).
  9. Logjam in the backcourt

    Absolutely!  Two things stand out to me about this offseason: first is that we were determined to improve our 3 point shooting, the second is that we wanted to get bigger and have a versatile team.  Most of our pickups have been guys with size that can play competently at multiple positions and can also shoot the three.  This will allow us the flexibility to match up well whether teams go big or small.  The only thing we really lack is a tough interior defender.  Should be a fun year.
  10. Logjam in the backcourt

    I've read that Batum was the SG for the French National team, so has a lot of experience at that spot.  As others have said, I think the only reason he played SF at Portland was because of his size and their roster.  But it sounds like he has the skillset to be a quality SG for the Hornets.