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  1. kids get bullied all over the world. only in america can they so easily act on it with such vicious effectiveness. that's because only in america is it so goddamn easy for them to get a hold of firearms. you idiots want to make it about mental health or discipline in the home or schools not being protected like embassies in failed states because you're so invested in your guns you would literally let my four year old die in front of you before you'd loosen your grip on your right to bear arms at the expense of society in general. and you know it's true, you would.
  2. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    no i mean what is the extra L for
  3. yeah, you got nothing. gtfo
  4. lol look at you hedging your bets. don't disparage thoughts and prayers!!!!!! oh by the way i don't trust them to actually do anything so arm everyone dumb poo, the sooner we can eradicate this kind of cancerously stupid thinking the sooner we can end wanton slaughter of children
  5. If it's above your pay grade to know if it makes the slightest bit of sense why do you insist it's worthwhile?
  6. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    why do you say loll
  7. answer the fuging question. do prayers stop people from shooting or not?
  8. so prayer doesn't affect other peoples' will?
  9. i rarely engage conservatives on gun issues but i want to see just one person explain to my why thoughts and prayers are good enough after tragedies but not effective enough to prevent them. they don't pray in germany. why doesn't germany have mass shootings?
  10. uh yes but easily subverted. the idea is to make it harder to subvert. now answer the last question. why can't your precious thoughts and prayers stop gun violence?
  11. you fuging imbecile, the whole point of gun control is to make it harder for felons to steal one from a house or purchase them off the streets
  12. lol if it's even remotely effective why do you need guns? if thoughts and prayers can stop gun violence why do good guys need guns? your logic is garbage and prevents meaningful reform that could stop massacres.
  13. chris kyle was a good guy with a gun. what happened?
  14. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    lasers didn't start the california wildfires liberal logic
  15. So lets talk about this David Hogg kid

    seriously here is a police officer who the state has selected to enforce its structure discounting polls from oxford literally because he hasn't heard of oxford. that's the epistemological state of the country that voted for donald trump. i don't think it can be fixed