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  1. they're not leaving til tomorrow? that seems long. most teams are itching to get home
  2. We have every intention of greeting these magnificent bastards upon their return to the stadium win or lose.  Any idea if they're flying straight back after the game tonight? When?
  3. Miracle

    faith demands no reason
  4. Miracle

    in fairness to evangelicals, there are strong movements against prosperity gospel. joel osteen is probably the most well known proponent of prosperity gospel and he is widely excoriated for it among evangelicals. which would be impressive if they didn't all still pray for raises at work and use god healing their kid of pneumonia as proof of god's grace even though the poor kid in the other country with no access to medicine died lol
  5. Miracle

    yeah prosperity gospel has infiltrated nearly all factions of evangelical christianity (though i'm not sure that hasn't always been the case tbh.) i definitely think the lack of awareness of cause/correlation leads to cultural assumptions that absolutely play factors in global missions and proselytizing in other countries. i could write a book about this too (and probably eventually will.)
  6. Watch Party

    oh they may be now
  7. Miracle

    for real tho how is this any different than believing god helped you get a raise at work but lets praying people get slaughtered by the truckload elsewhere in the world?
  8. Look who I found trolling Cam's MVP article

    well look here at this bandwagon fan only showing up to post when we go to the super bowl.
  9. Watch Party

    i'll be at dilworth, but you gotta buy tickets for the RR party
  10. SNL does Cam and Peyton

    that was hysterical
  11. Conan...that poo not funny

    no one reading JJT's pearl clutching in this thread can take his opinions on local-area nightlife seriously anymore lol anyway conan nailed it. i enjoyed the hell out of the entire thing. i don't think any lines were crossed.
  12. holy poo guys were playing in the super bowl today
  13. hopefully someone will buy the original oil painting cover art of my book when i put it up for sale monday