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  1. Are there any players on The Huddle?

    actually i think i might be one of those people. he grossly misspelled the name of his own restaurant in his post and literally fuged his own keyboard en route to the worst possible advertisement of his enterprise and against my better judgement i pointed this out. i was more impetuous in my younger days than i am now
  2. How dare Cam take over 'our' QB position!

    who is it? did CCS get banned?
  3. Judge chastises racist cop

  4. we just voided Harper and Cotch contracts

    his name was brad nortman and he was pretty decent 
  5. NFL Owner Drama: Jerry Richardson a Bully?

    while everyone who gets screwed stays stoically silent and not one word gets breathed to anyone who tells a reporter for decades? not likely
  6. How dare Cam take over 'our' QB position!

    it's very simple. in the past, for a black quarterback to succeed he had to (1) not use an african-american dialect; (2) dress like bill murray; and (3) be obnoxiously humble and differential. no matter what he did on the field, he had to do those three things to get a fair shake in the media and among fans. cam newton uses an african-american dialect, dresses like zoolander, and showboats while he's circumstantially performing as the best quarterback in the league and one of the best in history. prejudiced dickholes have lost what little ledge their white-knuckled grasps still had to support them. they're falling headlong into a pit of advancing society and the egalitarian mindset dawning in the rise of millennials, and all they have left is their foundationless rage. every time one of them dies, they're replaced by someone who thinks cam newton is awesome and wants to be like him. so goes society.
  7. New Punter

    nailed it. this is a primo gettles move. nortman is actually one of the better punters in the league, and if swayze is kickin ass on tape then all of a sudden we have the leverage to tell nortman he's not THAT great and shave some more off of whatever potential contract he signs, money that could get shuffled to a pro bowl right tackle or a fine ass defensive end or, say, alshon jeffrey 
  8. NFL Owner Drama: Jerry Richardson a Bully?

    maybe they all decided to get him back by pitching in for a clete blakeman fund
  9. i have zero problem with peyton. never have. i think he'd be dumb as hell if he didn't go off with his 200th win as a super bowl victory and call it a career.
  10. we just voided Harper and Cotch contracts

    cam signed, olsen signed, TD signed, luke signed, CJ and Stew still counting against the cap, and we STILL got 30m in cap space with a super bowl roster. fuging gettles. our window is gonna be open for the next ten years.
  11. Along the Sidelines - Superbowl Edition

    finally got the stomach to read this. this is some of your best work imo, which makes it that much more tragic. last one is iconic. that poo needs to be printed in black and white, framed, and sat next to a color image of cam when he wins super bowl.
  12. if 1000 idiots make a youtube vid about their NFL predictions, odds are one of them is going to be right, and that one is going to end up getting exposure for being right.
  13. Consolation Prize: free book for five days

    back on top!   this will be my last shameless act of self-promotion. 
  14. Dem Debate - One on One, Bernie vs Hillary

    uh, guess who determines the cost of healthcare? guess who's going to shrug when people die like flies because they couldn't afford healthcare? it's the job of a strong centralized government to protect people from leeches willing to profit on the medical maladies of the general populace. you would've defended child labor if you lived 150 years ago
  15. he used to rant about cam the fake kid with the discipline problems AND the nerve of them there gays back in the day, but then came off cam newton and even posted a heartfelt note in the tinderbox about seeing things from a more empathetic light and really gave me hope, but i guess between echoing the titans mom after that game and posting anti-gay propaganda on other teams' message boards we can write him off the good guy list