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  1. If only he had a clear backpack

    george washington wanted it this way
  2. in a just world you'd have been born in their shoes and they in yours
  3. i bought a bike. where should i go

    thanks for the suggestions. i rode up through LA, out west through twentynine palms, up through arizona to the grand canyon, up into utah through monument valley, across colorado, and through kansas before running into major mechanical malfunctions that are gonna take longer to fix than i have time available before my return deadline. currently taking it home in a u-haul out of kansas city. i'm bummed but i got to ride through all the fun western states so it's all good
  4. Why we don’t need to arm teachers

    superhuman AND subhuman! punch away officers!
  5. flew to san diego and picked up a cheap enfield bullet. ran into a few maintenance hiccups off the bat, but i should be good. setting out from LA this afternoon. i have about a week to get it back to north carolina. the only thing set in stone is i want to take Route 66 and then drive up through monument valley. what else is worth seeing? candidate states are utah, southern nevada, arizona, new mexico, oklahoma, kansas, colorado, nebraska, missouri, arkansas, iowa, illinois, kentucky, tennessee.
  6. that is fuging ridiculous
  7. it hasn't been released yet, so unless you were in phnom penh for the world premiere last month you haven't seen it. is this the level of smack we can expect in your diss track? have you started writing yet? do you have a beat?
  8. Greatest Panthers Hat

    buncha fuggin nerds in this thread
  9. Good morning ya bastids!

    i explained it in a later post if you want to learn something today
  10. Good morning ya bastids!

    is there a commonly spoken german diction that says "die apfel" instead of "der apfel" and does so with internal consistency? then yes, declaring it incorrect is silly because its correctness is defined by the power structure endorsing it as correct, and we know power structures to be inaccurate reflections of whether something is right. say i go to indonesia and someone points out my tattoo in jakarta and points out the kraken attacking a ship and says "ikan cumi-cumi" (giant squid) and pronounces it "choo-me choo-me." then say i go to the banda islands in the far flung remote regions of the eastern archipelago and i bang a hot ass indonesian girl from the islands and she admires my tattoo afterwards and pronounces is "chum-ee chum-ee." which is correct? would an elitist from java says she's a dumb ignorant hick for pronouncing it that way? would he be right? does the governance of a political center that unwrites a dominant way of speaking invalidate other pronounciations or grammatical rules as incorrect? or is that an ok way to pronounce it because it's internally consistent and spoken widely by a group of people? if you submit that it's ok then the conversation moves away from whether a given dialect is "correct" in any meaningful sense and towards whether a dialect is appropriate. Rednecks aren't idiots for saying ain't, and ain't ain't incorrect because it's grammatically consistent. but it's inappropriate in some areas, like on a school paper. you have to code switch - a term linguists use to describe changing modes of speech dependent on context. if someone used the diction in the OP in a research paper you could argue it's inappropriate diction. but there's no need to code switch from internet memes or living room conversations. this is what i mean when i say it's not "bad english" in any meaningful sense. it's different english. and it's an important distinction