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  1. Agree. Kaep drew a line in the sand. Incredibly effect protest while remaining untouchably peaceful. in doing so he exposed his opposition. They don't actually care about his method, they just don't care about the issue he's protesting.
  2. so you don't want the national anthem sung at games?
  3. lmao said you and millions of other people in a group thinking the same idiotic thing
  4. itt people are more offended that a FOOTBALL FIELD was disrespected than that systemic violence creates stacks of black bodies nauseating
  5. go ahead and walk away, the sport and society at large will happily progress without you
  6. incredible display of hatred and disdain for guys fighting for something that doesn't even affect you. pathetic beyond words
  7. weak and ineffectual, does nothing for the cause and strengthens the resolve of moderates who prefer peace to justice
  8. wow. why are you putting brothers in quotes? and what does sitting during an anthem have to do with gameplay? maybe the rest of the team should've focused harder on assignments instead of balancing on two legs during the song by your stupid shitty logic
  9. the very act of expecting players and fans to stand for an anthem is inherently political. you don't want politics out of it, you want THEIR politics out of it
  10. I'm in LA grinding on postproduction on my film. Thankfully I'm about to go bury my head in that for the next ten hours
  11. Lions and Falcons are in a battle

    Good riddance bitch
  12. Positives from the game....

    Got to hang out with @h0llywood and the angel city riot crew - made up for a poo game. thanks guys!
  13. zero instinct for ebb and flow. it's been obvious for a long time but now that cam is t playing at a high level it's becoming unmasked. this coaching staff adds absolutely nothing to this team