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  1. Replace the NFL logo at midfield with a Panther logo and bang the keep pounding drum at midfield for the first game . Tepper's the man - lets get it started !
  2. Probably build and a new facility near Charlotte with an indoor area for bad weather . The big cat is done and i wish him well. i thank him for bringing us an NFL team but its time to move on . Next year UNC Charlotte might be used . I look forward to a new era for the Panthers .
  3. Hurney never questioned Mr. Richardson about personal decisions he said to him about players. his loyalty is to be praised . It probably cost Gettleman his job . We may never know how much was Hurney and how much was Richardson . This year is mostly Hurney and Rivera . Lets see how this works out before giving a grade .
  4. Good news - Bad news . Bad news he tore his ACL . Good news for him he will get paid while he probably would have been cut . It opens the door for someone to make the roster .
  5. catnip

    CJ Anderson the 'crab man'

    I saw one clip where he was called Bam Bam because he hits the hole with power .
  6. It will be a very interesting year. The coaches are on a 1 yr prove it deal with a new ownership coming in. We will have a new look offense with Norv Turner in charge. We will see a new defense with Thomas Davis out for 4 games and several defense draft pics trying to make the team . Win or lose things will be different .
  7. catnip

    The Way Too Early 53*

    I could see Mahon (G/C) and Norton (DT) making the team .
  8. Shepard may be a June 1st cut because of his contract . I don't know for sure , but we will see.
  9. catnip

    What if Marty Hurney

    Time will tell . If this draft turns out to be very good and he can do reasonable contracts , he will stay until Rivera is let go and a total rebuild is needed . i look forward to training camp to see how this pans out . Most analyst give him a B or better this draft .
  10. Add Hurney to the list. He knew this draft was the most important one for him to keep his job.
  11. I think Ian Thomas will surprise us. He is more of a blocker than Manhurts filling the role of Dickson . I am also pleased with CB pick . it will light a fire in training camp for those whose job is on the line. i hope we bring in Ricky Proel's son for a look at wr . i know its crowded, but you never know. ( sorry about the spelling)
  12. Wr is now crowded . let them compete for a job and trade anyone that doesn't make the cut .
  13. I have a question . If we draft a WR in the 1st or 2nd round we will be crowded at this position and someone is likely to be cut. Bersin has been solid and has done everything he is asked. He has to size and is a willing blocker with sure hands. His only drawback is his speed. Why not try him a TE ! We have nothing to lose . it is a position of need so why not give him a shot.
  14. catnip

    QB2 - who's our backup?

    The answer is on the team