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  1. With several players pushing for a roster spot, Armah can do dual duty filling in as the #3 TE . He looked good in the first game with a catch and run after . it allows us to keep an extra OL or WR .
  2. I think Hood makes the team because he can play FB while Armah can play FB and backup TE . Hood can back up as power HB
  3. catnip

    A few early observations...

    I thought the same thing using Armah as a backup TE . He said he loves to hit people so as a blocking TE he could fill the need . I would keep Hood because of his size . I just don't know if he could play on special teams . It would surely keep him on the team .
  4. Why not try Bersin at TE. He knows the system , he is cheap , has sure hands , and is big enough for the position . Surely he is good enough for the third backup spot .
  5. Replace the NFL logo at midfield with a Panther logo and bang the keep pounding drum at midfield for the first game . Tepper's the man - lets get it started !
  6. Probably build and a new facility near Charlotte with an indoor area for bad weather . The big cat is done and i wish him well. i thank him for bringing us an NFL team but its time to move on . Next year UNC Charlotte might be used . I look forward to a new era for the Panthers .
  7. Hurney never questioned Mr. Richardson about personal decisions he said to him about players. his loyalty is to be praised . It probably cost Gettleman his job . We may never know how much was Hurney and how much was Richardson . This year is mostly Hurney and Rivera . Lets see how this works out before giving a grade .
  8. Good news - Bad news . Bad news he tore his ACL . Good news for him he will get paid while he probably would have been cut . It opens the door for someone to make the roster .
  9. catnip

    CJ Anderson the 'crab man'

    I saw one clip where he was called Bam Bam because he hits the hole with power .
  10. It will be a very interesting year. The coaches are on a 1 yr prove it deal with a new ownership coming in. We will have a new look offense with Norv Turner in charge. We will see a new defense with Thomas Davis out for 4 games and several defense draft pics trying to make the team . Win or lose things will be different .
  11. catnip

    The Way Too Early 53*

    I could see Mahon (G/C) and Norton (DT) making the team .
  12. Shepard may be a June 1st cut because of his contract . I don't know for sure , but we will see.
  13. catnip

    What if Marty Hurney

    Time will tell . If this draft turns out to be very good and he can do reasonable contracts , he will stay until Rivera is let go and a total rebuild is needed . i look forward to training camp to see how this pans out . Most analyst give him a B or better this draft .
  14. Add Hurney to the list. He knew this draft was the most important one for him to keep his job.