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  1. C47 added a post in a topic 2015 Summer Transfer Thread   

    Chilean press seems convinced Vidal is heading to Madrid. Would be a massive signing to solidify the Mid Field. 
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  2. C47 added a post in a topic Star Wars Battlefront...   

    Got into some multiplayer matches. Impressed by how smooth it ran for an alpha. As one would expect, it feels similar to Battlefield just with lazers. Alpha has the Hoth map on a Walker Assault game mode. Just a standard rush mode, so I'm not sure you can make sweeping generalizations about the game from it. Couple of complains with dog fighting, but the land battles are fun as hell. I feel like 40 player matches are too small though. It loses the scale that makes Star Wars battles so great. 
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  3. C47 added a post in a topic Star Wars Battlefront...   

    Welp...Alpha servers are next to impossible to get into, but at least there's a survival mode you can play. On a positive note, the game is phenomenal graphically. 
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  4. C47 added a topic in Nerdvana   

    Star Wars Battlefront...
    Anyone get in the closed Alpha? I'm anxiously awaiting getting out of work in a few minutes so I can head home and fire up my PC and play for a bit. Pre-loaded yesterday, and ready to blow poo up. 
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  5. C47 added a post in a topic Gil Brandt builds the perfect QB   

    I think when he said running ability he actually meant the ability to move in the pocket. Russell slips out of danger so many times because of his movement ability. Not saying Cam doesn't, but that is one area where Russell really stands out. 
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  6. C47 added a post in a topic Chicago pizza in CLT   

    Please elaborate on why NY style pizza makes you a pussy? 
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  7. C47 added a post in a topic Chicago pizza in CLT   

    Why would anyone want to eat Chicago style pizza? 
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