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  1. Cap Space?

  2. Sam Mills football from Burger King
  3. Quick Question...

    Dwayne Jarrett
  4. So... all you people shitting on Brown realize its different vs the second string and also being the focal point of a defense, right?
  5. Was actually a McMurray click test, but Kalil seems fine.
  6. Regular season Cam punches that in on second down.
  7. So did Big Frank tear his achilles? :(
  8. I met Jerry Rice last year at an event and asked him if Smitty would make the HoF, he said a ring would help, but highly highly highly doubts he makes it. He said the line of people that haven't made it is too long for Smitty to make it. But that's just his opinion I guess...
  9. Santana Moss

    Would want him over Cotchery. Always reminded me of Smitty. Boo this is a terrible thread, etc, etc
  10. NBA Playoffs are here!

    At least Panthers home games don't sound like these Milwaukee games.
  11. Ex Panther QB signs with Packers

    First Smitty, then Hardy, now this. Becoming real hard to stay a panther fan.