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  1. Im guessing this ends the conversation about the John Wick spin off centered around the Continental. He won me over back in Oz and its been a joy to watch his career.
  2. @ladypantherthread about Bobby Caldwell sent me down a road… I was a very serious, British new wave heavy metal fan in my teens. I thought Maiden and Priest were the end-all and be-all. And then I heard Robert Cray and started to understand the blues. this song changed my life
  3. I opened this thinking who the hell is Bobby Caldwell The first 3 notes hit me like a Mack truck classic
  4. Ill take Dalton everyday and twice on Sunday over this toxic fugwad
  5. There are a few QBs you give a guaranteed contract and multiple 1s for. Lamar isnt one of them
  6. Dude. Come on. This told us a lot about who and what Ellie was. Yes they needed 58 minutes to tell that story. For me it just developed a depth to her that justified her choice to stay and help Joel. Ive never played the game so I'm coming at this from a "tell me a compelling story" perspective. And so far Im in. This is appointment TV for me at this stage.
  7. Youth and energy meet experience and wisdom I fuging love the fret board gymnastics paired with a bitchin rhythm section
  8. Seriously? Vick over P Manning? Im honestly not clowning and Ill admit that as a Panthers fan I still have nightmares of Vick leaving his feet at the 7 yard line and somehow levitating into the end zone. But are you saying you'd take Vick over Manning? Help me out with that.
  9. I think the Broncos are fuging stupid but thats a different story Look, Im not opposed to trading future opportunity for success in the near term. On top of that Ive got more confidence in this coaching staff to make that decision than I have in a long time. But Im not the kind of gambler that looks at the likes of the top 4 QB prospects and want to bet the house on the idea that they are HOF talents and project that into giving up 3 1s. If Coach see's something there that I dont I can say for the first time in 25+ year Ill trust him
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