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  1. Last game I went to was Oct 30 2014. Haven't missed a single game since but Ill never go to the stadium again.
  2. The GT40 is just hands down the finest thing the Ford Motor Company ever built and whether its a '69 or anything up to '73 Id give more testicles and children than I have for it. Id differ from you in the Mustangs and go with the V8 Series from Aston Martin on my second choice. Predecessors of the Vantage and then the Vanquish. Id finish it out with John Delorean's first masterpiece with the 69 Firebird ETA I do love more modern MOPAR but what Dodge was doing in the 70s was impressive in the stats but laced any soul in form
  3. Yeah but a full packer brisket is 15lbs of meat I love smoking smaller cuts, Picahna and tritips are some of my new faves, but traditional cuts are just too big even with a couple on nights of leftovers. Our arguments in the TB notwithstanding Im not trying to just be a bitch, happy for you that you that you have a clan big enough to enjoy it and youve posted some amazing pics. I just struggle with it
  4. The biggest problem I have with smoking my own stuff is what to do with the leftovers. With only me and the wife its hard to justify smoking an entire shoulder But we do love it
  5. When I realized wouldnt Be a Michael Hedges, a Joe Bonanmassa, or a Gary Moore I quit.
  6. Thats bad ass and why ultimately why I gave up guitar
  7. What market are you working in that your looking at 3 months and 100+ showings and 10+ offers for a buyer? We just bought with one "showings" (our agent did the walk through and sent us videos) wrote a single offer and closed in 30 days
  8. If the guy I was paying 9M a year to coach the team was doing as poorly as Frank was Id want to have him justify his play calling as well.
  9. Ill watch F&F 11, 12, and 13 before I give WB a dime for this.
  10. I pay many professionals for an outcome, both personally and professionally. I also pay them on a T&M basis.
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