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  1. You need to reassess your relationship with a sports franchise you have no input into or control over.
  2. I thing Dave is actually doing everything and the people you see that are not Dave or the players are just paid actors. He is making picks, designing offense, calling plays, wrapping ankles, filling the water coolers, ALL of it... iTs aLl hIs fAuLt!!!!
  3. Absolutely. What will be real fun is all of the folks who claim they wont or that they are done etc will be all up in the game day thread bitching
  4. Hey look Ryan won a game or three. BTW I think youre helping making my point. The point is that after two games you dont, you cant know poo.
  5. Its just two games for the love of christ Bryce: Some HOFers first season
  6. People plan and budget. Dealer said it would be there in 4 weeks (err: months), they made a deal, Dealer should have at least sat the car on their lot for three weeks (err: months) before calling and saying "Come and get it or else"
  7. If the only Dim Sum restaurant in town was as bad to me as people act like the Panthers are to them Id learn to live without dumplings.
  8. If a product or vendor disappointed me at a fraction of the level that folks here are pushing forth Id quit doing business with them. Id just walk away and if the day comes for me that its the Panthers I sure as hell wont stop by here to call Tepper ugly names on my way out.
  9. It really says something when the Tinderbox is less toxic than the main forum
  10. If you need someone else to convince you then maybe just maybe you should plan to spend your Sundays doing something else or find a different team.
  11. I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and my poo would make more sense than this place as of late
  12. I say this in the nicest and friendliest way possible... Damn you!! Now I NEED that thing!
  13. Slightly modified Weber 22" Kettle. Added some seals to the lid to help with temp regulation. Cant do more than about 10 hours before I just cant add more fuel but it gets the job done until we finish our next relocation and I go for a BGE & UDS set.
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