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  1. Epic collapse by the Skins.

    I think the Saints underestimated the Skins. Don’t expect that when we play them.
  2. Teams Stats Through 10 Games

    Actually it was a good post. Hopefully all of this continues.
  3. I totally agree. I've been saying for 2 seasons that KB was a crutch for Cam.
  4. I'd say that is about right. It's hard to judge how good or bad the offense is. I hope that what we saw in the 2nd half last night is some of what we can expect moving forward. I fear that was mostly the Dolphins suckage so............We will see.
  5. Watch, the Saints will make them look silly.
  6. Saints will put up 40 on this team. That # 1 ranking is a joke.
  7. That # 1 ranking is misleading. I don’t believe they are that good.
  8. I’m telling you all, this team will finish 3rd in the division and miss the playoffs. Matters not though, even if they make the playoffs they won’t beat a good team.