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  1. Cam Newton is still Elite.

    Hasn’t reached elite status and won’t. Sorry.
  2. Those concerns are all legit. I’m not yet sold on this team. The offense is beyond bad and Cam ain’t close to 2015.
  3. I believe that Cam won’t be near 100% until next season. As for Kalil, we might be seeing the end of his career. I hope not, but...........
  4. Kalil Not Practicing

    This might just be his last season. Once again the powers to be dick around and wait too long to bring in a viable replacement for one of our great players
  5. Under. This offense sucks almost as bad as the saints d
  6. "It's just the 49ers and Bills"

    It's not the defense I'm worried about. Cam needs to get it together and Shula needs to get his head out of his ass.
  7. Shula is good at one thing, the herp derp.
  8. Rivera is okay with field goals so don't worry guys, Dickson can help get us in FG range.
  9. Hate Week. Again.

    Saints typically give us fits, so I won't be surprised if this is an L. This offense is putrid, but if this defense is what it appears the Saints should have a tough time scoring and we should win.
  10. Say they actual fire Shula, who do we hire.

    Don't waste your time thinking about that, it won't happen.
  11. Until there is new ownership and new coaches nothing will change. We can analyze this for months, but it does no good. Shula is an idiot and Rivera enables him.
  12. Falcons - Packers Game Thread

    You think our o-line will do any better ? I don't.
  13. Falcons - Packers Game Thread

    Atlanta playing like rabid dogs. So much for that hangover everyone kept talking about. Baring injuries these dudes will be hoisting the Lambadi this season.