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  1. thunderraiden added a post in a topic Training Camp Roster Battles / Competitiveness by Position   

    Good Chance for Jason Trusnik, Kurt Coleman, and possibly even Pat Tillman all to miss the 53 if the team wants to make sure they get that third round comp pick for Greg Hardy.
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  2. thunderraiden added a post in a topic Real Life Fatal Attraction   

    Really? What about the batshit crazy chick that did all this?
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  3. thunderraiden added a post in a topic Florida State dumps QB   

    Objectively speaking, if someone was truly gender nuetral, all you would see in this video are two dumbasses tryingr to get to the bar. This would happen with two guys, this would have happened with two girls, as some have pointed out, the roles could have been reversed if one was a small gay man getting decked vs a big butch.
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