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  1. Just moved to Atlanta...

    Sup guys, so I've pretty much been on auto-pilot the last few weeks as I've made a huge life change and moved from lazy beachtown Wilmington to bustling clusterfug Atlanta, mainly for economic reasons, got a job, will soon have an apartment, but I'm still completely lost in this clusterfug of a city. Seems like everyone is a dick despite the whole "southern hospitality" bullshit. Anyways, before I pulled out of Wilmington Darth Biscuit told me to reach out to the huddlers here in ATL as well so give me a shout out and help me out! On a side note ive metmore panther, bucs, and saints fans in ATLthan Falcons fans so far.
  2. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy hosting a live stream of nfl network. so fuging awesome.
  3. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    i have media day live open on any1 know if its off already or if its going to come on?
  4. The waaaaaaay too early Super Bowl 51 odds

    We have road games @Seattle,@Los Angeles, @Oakland,and @Denvernext season. We should still make playoffs, but I foresee more heart attacks next season than his one..
  5. Whatever happens this weekend...

    Some of you older Panther fans know what winning a Superbowl is like if you we're originally a Redskins fan, but most of us still have no idea what its like. I remember how close we were in 2003, and that year we felt like a team of destiny. I just hope above all that we beat Seattle tomorrow, and I will let fate handle whatever comes next in the Championship game and Super Bowl. I fuging hate the Seahawks so much. If we could beat them I would be sooooo happy.
  6. Richard Sherman: Stop ripping on Cam for dancing

    Russell Wilson only player on Seahawks I don't like. He is sooooo lucky.
  7. #Thieves Ave.

    Next on BSPN: Arethe Carolina Panthers Defensive BacksAdvocating Criminal Behaviour?
  8. Sold them to friends for 150 since you guys were being so demanding here. Sorry
  9. You can watch the divisional game on your phone over wifi while flying to Cali. go to during the time of the game and look for either a youtube link or vlc link. 

  10. Cam isn't known to have the best stats in the playoffs. He has 5 Touchdownsto 5 Interceptions, He has 0 rushing Touchdowns. Part of these stats are against great defenses and the most harshest of competition by virtue of being the playoffs. Not many QB's have great Post-season stats outside of 2 or 3 a year. So what I wonder, what are you guys hoping to see from Cam in the Post-season? What kind of plays do you think he does best with against the stiffer competition? We have seen masterful games from him this season and even since 2013 against greatdefenses in this league. Cam will surely have to play better with our leaky secondary than his previous playoff efforts if we expect to win against the likes of Seattle, Arizona, and even possibly Minnesota if they catch fire.
  11. latest Cam commercial is for the haters

    Thats what I was thinking, but I also didn't understand why they would use someone else's voice either... Cam isn't Marshawn Lynch lol
  12. Sold them to friends for 150 since you guys were being so demandinghere. Sorry Thanks for the two offers I did just recently get. Sorry it was too late.
  13. latest Cam commercial is for the haters

    Cam's voice doesn't sound like him. Either that or he got extensive voice and acting lessons.
  14. Official Panthers - Giants Gameday Thread

    14 AND OH
  15. Star Wars TFA Discussion <Spoilers>

    Went to the bar after the showing and just waking up. Was it all perfect? No. But compared to the Prequels its way better, and I would put it ahead of Return of the Jedi and right ever so slightly behind A new Hope which I would have to think qualifies as living up to the hype. I would recommend it to even mediocre Star Wars fans immedietly if for nothing else but to avoid the rampant spoilers that will soon be unleashed in the next 24 hours. There were a lot of spoilers before the premiere I dodged but with so many people seeing it, I imagine its going to be impossible to avoid spoilers if you use the internet if you were planning on seeing it next week when the crowd dies down (which I doubt it will)