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  1. TylerVagyler

    Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    Eagles released Mychal Kendricks
  2. TylerVagyler

    Fozzy Whittaker tore his ACL (placed on IR)

    Hope he recovers well. Time for Reggie Bonnafon.
  3. TylerVagyler

    Elijah Hood claimed off waivers

    CJ and McCaffrey locked as the top 2 backs. CAP, Fozzy, Bonnafon, Hood all battling for the other 2 spots?
  4. TylerVagyler

    Power RB & Shifty RB examples

    Saying CMC is capable of running in between the tackles isn’t the same as calling him a power back.
  5. I loved the Gaulden pick and this thread is dumb.
  6. I think people had Armani Watts in their mock drafts because he has a cool name and went to a big school.
  7. TylerVagyler

    Panthers sign 7 UDFA

    Tracy Sprinkle is a good name
  8. Butch Jones tried to make JJ Watt play TE. He’s a moron.
  9. TylerVagyler

    OPINION: Panthers will sign a veteran RB

    Jordan Howard’s name was in trade rumors earlier in the offseason. He’d be nice.
  10. Do you think they’re still looking to bring in another safety? I’d love to see Boston back.
  11. I think this is fairly accurate. Although I think Gaulden could surprise some people and play a bigger role than what is stated here.
  12. You didn’t get enough of your useless Hurney bashing out in the other threads? You had to make another thread to bitch and moan in?
  13. I’m guessing their measurables caused them to fall. They are both a bit undersied.