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  1. Mills III at DL, Singletary at LB. Get it done.
  2. During Season, Early Mock Drafts Thread

    1. Carlton Davis, CB, Auburn Even with Gettleman gone, I stuck by the bpa strategy in rounds 1 and 2. Carlton Davis would give us another physical corner and he has potential to pass Bradberry as the #1 guy. Davis, Bradberry, Worley would give us nice depth at corner. 2. Isaiah Wynn, OG/C, Georgia Isaiah Wynn is a bit undersized but he was dominant at Georgia and is versatile. I am banking on us resigning Norwell, so I think Wynn could be the eventual replacement for Kalil at center but in the meantime he provides depth for the inevitable injury. 3. Mike Gesicki, TE, Penn State An absolutely dynamic receiving option who has also shown the willingness and ability to contribute as a blocker. TEs typically take a year or two before they make an impact so sliding in behind Olsen for a couple season would be beneficial for Gesicki. However, I think he could make a similar impact as Dickson in his rookie season. 3. Josh Adams, RB, Notre Dame Downhill runner who shows good vision and cutback ability. Ran behind a very good offensive line at Notre Dame but still displayed a lot of traits you like to see in a between-the-tackles running back. He appears to be a very nice compliment to McCaffrey and replacement for Stew. 5. Siran Neal, S, Jacksonville State Small-school prospect who played mostly a mix of corner and safety, but also had some time at LB. His best position in the pros seems to be safety. Good combination of coverage skills and tackling. He takes good angles at the ball carrier and he can also lay some big hits. 6. Tre'Quan Smith, WR, Central Florida Somewhat lanky receiver but has good speed. Smith put up big numbers in UCF's explosive offense. He ran a fairly simple route-tree in college but has big-play ability. His production level makes him worth a late-round pick. Could develop into a decent receiver. 7. Bruce Hector, DT, South Florida Interior pass-rusher who could be available late. 13 tackles for loss and 7 sacks last season as a DT. 7. Austin Proehl, WR, North Carolina Proehl had a shortened season due to an arm injury but has shown flashes of being a decent all-around receiver. If he's available here I could see Hurndog taking him because of his name. Give him a year on the practice squad and he could develop into a solid depth option.
  3. This year is quite the outlier. Having a top level QB is still the best way to become a consistently winning franchise.
  4. 2018 QB/RBs

    Ronald Jones II would be awesome to pair with McCaffrey.
  5. Predict the new OC here...

    Lane Kiffin
  6. Predict the new OC here...

    Bruce Arians
  7. TIL people are actually mad we didn't resign Ginn. Reminds me why I rarely visit this place.
  8. What are the ratings for TV shows and movies on cable? I bet they're down too. People are cord cutting.
  9. During Season, Early Mock Drafts Thread

    Using Samuels just at FB would be a waste. He has solid receiving skills and is a playmaker.
  10. During Season, Early Mock Drafts Thread

    We have two 3rd rounders and I see two offensive weapons who could be there for us at both picks. Simmie Cobbs Jr, WR, Indiana 6'4", 220 lbs Jaylen Samuels, WR/TE/FB/RB, NC State 5'11", 223 lbs Funchess, Cobbs Jr, Olsen gives Cam 3 big targets, while we add Samuels to McCaffrey, Samuel, Byrd as our versatile offensive weapons. I know people will say Samuels is too close to CMC and Curtis Samuel but I don't see that as a bad thing. Especially if we are adding a bigger body like Cobbs Jr. Full rounds 1-3 mock: 1. Sam Hubbard, DE, Ohio State 2. Ronald Jones II, RB, USC 3. Simmie Cobbs Jr, WR, Indiana 3. Jaylen Samuels, WR/TE/FB/RB, NC State In this scenario Stewart is gone. The offense would look like this: QB: Cam Newton, Derek Anderson, Rookie (I think we draft someone) RB: Christian McCaffrey, Ronald Jones II, Cameron Artis-Payne WR: Devin Funchess, Curtis Samuel, Damiere Byrd, Simmie Cobbs Jr, Jaylen Samuels, Russell Shepard TE: Greg Olsen, Ed Dickson, Chris Manhertz
  11. During Season, Early Mock Drafts Thread

    Round 2 Pick 1 (CLE): Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame (A-) Round 2 Pick 28: Ronald Jones II, RB, Southern California (A-) Round 3 Pick 1 (CLE): Anthony Miller, WR, Memphis (A) Round 3 Pick 22: Lorenzo Carter, OLB, Georgia (A-) Round 3 Pick 28: Frank Ragnow, C/OG, Arkansas (A-) Round 5 Pick 28: Deadrin Senat, DT, South Florida (A-) Round 6 Pick 28: Bryce Bobo, WR, Colorado (A) Round 7 Pick 17: J.T. Barrett, QB, Ohio State (A) Round 7 Pick 28: Kameron Kelly, CB, San Diego State (A) Traded back with Cleveland for 2(1), 3(1). (Carter brought in as a DE).
  12. Rd 1: Ronnie Harrison - Our biggest need right now is a top tier DB. Mike Adams is awful which makes Coleman's job harder. Harrison would allow Coleman to play FS where he is a playmaker. This pick would make our defense solid at every level. Rd 2: Nick Chubb (use one of the extra 3rds to move up) - Finally get rid of Jonathan Stewart. Then take advantage of having an extra 3rd rounder and trade up for Chubb. He would be a perfect compliment to McCaffrey. A package of Cam/Chubb/McCaffrey with Funchess/Samuel/Olsen as receiving options would give teams headaches. Rd 3: Dante Pettis - Pettis would take pressure off McCaffrey to do KR/PR. He would also give us another playmaker at receiver. I'd be very happy going into nextseason with Funchess/Samuel/Byrd/Pettis/FA vet.
  13. Dave Gettleman Was A Terrible GM.

    - $76m to Charles Johnson who, at the time, had 21.5 sacks over 4 seasons. - 4 years, $12m for Olindo Mare who was cut for being terrble. - $80m tied up between 2 RBs - Future first rounder for Everette Brown - Second rounder for Armanti Edwards Greatness.
  14. Dave Gettleman Was A Terrible GM.

    Star, KK, Norwell, Turner, Funcess, Bradberry, Coleman, CMC, Shaq, Worley (Ginn, KB, and Mitchell even though they're no longer here). He took over a team with talent but replaced a GM who didn't know how to build around that talent. He added key pieces that worked for what we already had in place. Both GMs played important roles in where we are right now. Both also made bad moves. Those contracts Hurney gave out were AWFUL. We went 2-14 and resigned "the core". We are lucky he hit on his two first rounders after that season or else we'd be royally screwed.
  15. Dave Gettleman Was A Terrible GM.

    Hurney's problem was never getting top talent. The problem was we had no depth. Gettleman was much better at finding little gems to fill smaller roles which is important. Gettleman clearly made some mistakes but Hurney's mistakes were much more detrimental. Luckily, Gettleman came in and was able to build a much more well-rounded team while simultaneously fixing the cap disaster he inherited. The past 5 season is the greatest stretch in our franchise's history and Gettleman had a lot to do with that. For someone to call him a terrible GM is idiotic. Does Hurney deserve some credit too? Of course. But I have very little confidence that he would've built a team as well-rounded as Gettleman did during his time here. I don't get why people have to pick one side or the other. Hurney did some good things for the franchise. He also made a lot of huge mistakes. Gettleman made some great moves. He also made some mistakes. Put your pitchforks down and think rationally.