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  1. Armah > Hood for FB.
  2. He looked like Moose last year before getting that shoulder hurt. If DJ Moore can be as everything advertised, we might have the best dou this franchise has had since Moose and Smitty. Contract year for an upcoming WR that had a good year last year. I cannot wait to see his next step. I see double digit TDs for him
  3. Hurney being named the GM 8=D Hurney not overpaying for great talent in first FA signings 8====D Hurney's draft 8=======D Hurney signing CJ 8========D~~~~~
  4. Yawn This another Fusion GPS stink. Is this part of the $50 million to keep false stories going? So far 2 to 3 Michael Cohen's have sent out statements. Avenatti is a desperate broke man, he is being used and he cannot help himself. He is going to get burned bigly. When whoever hired him is done, he will be casted to the side. Dig deeper Michael Avenatti please dig deeper.
  5. ecu88

    DJ working out. Lookin good

  6. Can we finally say we have evolved?
  7. 2 yrs younger as well. This could be the potentially the best move by Hurndog this offseason.
  8. I sense worry
  9. 4 WO 1 RB package Needs only 1 play. Moore, Smith, Curtis and Byrd on fo routes. CMC as the underneath dump off. I call it the stretch n gut play. Which NFL team can handle 4 WO with 4.4 or under speed and no LB will be able to handle CMC 1v1. The play will gain a minimum of 10 yds or possibly 20 or more. With speed, we can counter D rush speed with a speed WO package and a playmaker in a RB. Gl NFL d coordinators with their green dog blitz bc CMC will be waiting for the short to carry it to the house.
  10. Yeah bruh, Funchess was the #2 option for the 1st 8 games before KB was traded. Then, get this, he was the only true option outside of CMC in receiving with Olsen down/used sparingly when healed, Byrd and Curtis injured for most of the season. What I am getting at is Funchess was blanked by the best as well as bracketed even when injured. His play dipped with a badly banged up shoulder. Let me guess you assume a shoulder is not important to WO. Mmmk. Backhalf of 2017 he had 5 of his 8 TD plus you can see when the shoulder injury affected his game. If he was the #1 with a healthy Olsen, easily 1200 yds and double digit TDs. Man the huddle is just illogical.
  11. ecu88

    More from Voth

    Jaire's impact will be < than DJ this coming season
  12. ecu88

    More from Voth

    DJ hands down for Cam's sake