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  1. I just want a SB win just one before ATL then life will be complete.
  2. Not hating, just dislike everyone saying LF is AD 2.0 and CMC is pathetic in rushing. Christ JStew got clobbered 5 yds behind the LoS. Just a perspective to all the Panther fans nullifying CMC and hailing LF as a HoF. It gets old.
  3. Um LF has been underwhelming like last game, take that 1 rush of 75, his avg would have been 2.5 yds a carry and yes against the 27th rush D. Steelers were horrendous until KC game was ranked 28th in rush D by the time Jacksonville played them. Take that one run away and you get 3.37yds per carry. LF would do nothing with our run blocking so this thread is pointless and stupid by OP.
  4. Eagles played 100% and barely won with our offense still trying to figure out if the play was called a pass or run. We were playing at 75%
  5. Sunday Games Thread

    OMGz u GUYZ! LF is totes da shitz....um for today. 27th ranked pushover run D. Oh btw Steelers 28th.
  6. Sunday Games Thread

    LF is going against a weakass run D. LF fans/CMC haters stop sucking off.
  7. Sunday Games Thread

    It is not over yet, plenty of time still.
  8. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
  9. Shula almost has it, just a few more swings.
  10. For the love humanity. 99% of the Huddle could design better plays or at least use our very diverse offensive weapons better. Give me a 1st grader with crayons, an 8 ball fortune teller, spin the wheel or roll the dice. Your favorite hooboo on the corner of BK could have called and adjusted better. Coaches have no balls, lack common sense, they are short-sighted, and lack the urge to make changes after 2 series. By half time, we were lucky that the iggles were undisciplined. Our Oline lacks physicality and lack decent schemes evidently for rushing. Design around your personnel, not fit a damn square piece in a round hole. Morons
  11. He can't get that far I am afraid, his cholesterol clogged arteries might burst.
  12. Hang Shula at dawn

    Phucking phuck phuck phucking phuck phucking A phucky phuck
  13. I lost count of the # of phucks I have said. A lot phucking done by a horrible play design drawn by Shula after 2 well designed games in a row. What a phucking moron.
  14. Take your phillysteak My 600lb Life ass and politely phuck off
  15. Replace their hats/toboggans with
  16. I knew I smelt bacon grease as I spotted a 600lb man walked by. Phuck off
  17. Our coaches deserve to wear the Pit of Misery Hat Who gets the your crown of misery for the game?
  18. Our coaches deserve to wear the Pit of Misery Hat Who gets the your crown of misery for the game?
  19. Luke update

  20. Luke update

    Look again elbow was at facemask level. Yes the OL hamd was on the shoulder but look again.