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  1. ecu88

    Rivera's Monday Presser

    I hope so bro
  2. How bout dem boyz, ah hahaha Skip B. I think people forget the gane did not have great weather, Cowboys Dline is pretty good, and Olsen gone is not a big of a problem as Williams. Let us hope that DWill needs a couple games to rest and after Bye Week he will be good. Fingers crossed he left the game and was held out the rest of the game as precaution but his knee did get hit by Dirty90 which did not look good.
  3. ecu88

    Rivera's Monday Presser

    No new update means bad news for Williams and Olsen..........
  4. Dear sweet baby Jesus I hope so.
  5. Nope. He would lose his strength and balance with Amini wet noodle of a leg.
  6. With rain and all the knee injuries, it was prob out of caution.
  7. Amini's leg would be to weak and would lose balance.
  8. ecu88

    Game Day Menu

    Wings with a side of
  9. Preach it......I turned 30 on KK and Fozzy's bday
  10. Newbie Mahon already picked up that habit........neck =/
  11. ecu88

    NPR piece on Efe Obada

    We have TB for that political bullshite. This is thread to celebrate and learn bout Obada. I am tired of sports and politics mixing.
  12. I just want CBs that prevent big plays and minimizes TDs of WRs. Interceptions would be amazing but if they can prevent big plays and TDs all year long, 0 interceptions will not bother me like it would for others on this board.
  13. So no Sirles and Seymour for this season........wow no temp IR. So I guess RR and staff are satisified with current roster or will there be a surprise soon?
  14. ecu88

    NFL Cuts and Trades

    Oh wow Orchard was released as well.
  15. ecu88

    NFL Cuts and Trades

    Orchard released?
  16. Cowboy Fans and thinking is like oil and water, those two items do not mix.
  17. I nailed Byrd 2 years ago and now Obada! Obada is going to rekt some mothafuging OL this season!
  18. ecu88

    Question about IR

    Sounds like MK will be joining RK after this season.