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  1. Brian Urlacher....he mad

    Man that hair    
  2. I knew, I KNEW when Erin Andrews said the Bitch Pigeons were complaining about the field, that if they lost that would be the excuse. Ya'll got beat. Kudos for taking advantage of the Panthers stepping off the gas in the second but the game wasn't really all that close.
  3. Players out

    We also need to field our best team in 2 weeks.  If those guys are dinged and the rest can help, then let them rest.  next man up.  I remind everyone that the season was supposedly over when KB went down, so I have confidence that the players will step up when called upon.  
  4. Are you going to root for the Saints? NO vs ATL

    Double forfeit.
  5. Cam is not going to win the MVP

    Here's Cam's best stat. 6-0