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  1. PanthersFanNY added a post in a topic Pretend this bar opens up in your city. Would you go to it?   

    I'd probably go, seems like service would be quicker without a draft system when all they're doing is grabbing a bottle, but that's just me and I'm not fancy and don't care if my beer has a head on it from perfectly poured tap. I know you said you'd have wine too, but this seems more like a guy bar than anything else and if I've learned one thing from my own experience and from bar rescue, if you don't attract women then your bar will fail. Men go where women want to go. It's why I've found myself at a wine and dessert bar more than one time, because my wife and her friends wanted to go there.
    Also, it might just be me, but I hate live music in bars. I could just be acting like an old man, but it's always too loud and kind of shitty. Makes it hard to carry on a conversation and hard for bartenders to hear you. That's especially true in a small bar.
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  2. PanthersFanNY added a post in a topic After looking at this how can you not approve of Obama?   

    The way you used it is pure applesauce.
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