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  1. What about Charles?

    Ealy had his best game of the year yesterday.  That combined with Johnson's big cap hit almost ensures he will be gone. 
  2. The Fall of Cam Newton

    I wont say that coaching was great, or even good.  But the false starts, the two fumbles, the personal fouls, the incredibly bad tackling on the long punt return, (mistakes that we have avoided for the most part this year), the missed fg, were on the players and no one else. 
  3. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Spurrier was a failure at the NFL level, so perhaps his mentality is not the correct approach for the NFL. 
  4. The Fall of Cam Newton

    The problem yesterday was not the offensive coordinator, nor the qb, nor the running backs, nor the refs (although the call on Cotchery's catch was horrible), and not even the offensive line (although the oline was terrible).  The problem was that our offense lost mental focus, or never had it to begin with.  Denver's defense was a big part of that, with their ability to disrupt, but all the mental mistakes killed us.     Lets face it, we got to the big stage, Denver was ready and we were not.  Denver's defense punched our offense in the mouth, and the offense never really got over it. 
  5. Huddle Super Bowl predictions

    Low scoring dogfight and the Panthers put it away in the 4th qtr, winning 23-13.  Each Qb throwns an interception, but Cam is named MVP of the game. 
  6. Crowd is gonna be huge majority Broncos fans

    meh, the crowd will be relatively neutral. 
  7. Let's get him a Ring while we're at it

    You are probably and hopefully correct. 
  8. In fairness, it wasn't just the media pundits saying those things.  If anything, some of the posters here were worse.  Cotchery is to old, Funchess is to young,  Ginn is only good for returns, and Brown has bad hands and is trash.  Cotch made a lot of clutch catches,  Funchess got better as the year rolled along, Ginn made numerous game changing plays, and Brown didn't drop a pass until the 14th or 15th game of the season. 
  9. I once shared an elevator with Chris Paul's mom. 
  10. Let's get him a Ring while we're at it

    Since he came back from injury though, he has actually been decent.  0 int's in his last three games.  Not a guy who will beat us throwing it all over the field, but I do think he could dink and dump all day similar to what MCcown did against us earlier in the season.  That and the potential for turnovers is about the only thing that worries me.   
  11. He might be saying it somewhat tongue in cheek, but I have no doubt he would try it under the right circumstances.
  12. The Revenge of the Lousy Organization

    I understand why most would not pick us to go to the SB.  Most of our own fans probably wouldn't have picked us as a SB favorite this year.  I certainly didn't.  But the 3rd place prediction was ludicrous.  We are in a division with Tampa (rookie qb), the Saints (no defense) and Atlanta (unproven coach). 
  13. Why does Cam receive more criticism than Collins? Well, no Facebook, no Twitter, very few fan message boards,  no NFL network, only two ESPN channels, a relative handful of channels on cable with very few 24 hour news shows, almost no online news sites, magazines still had to be mailed or sold at a newsstand.  If 5% of current media and fan sites dislike Cam, and 50% of media and fan sites disliked Collins when he played for the Panthers, Cam would still get more criticism just due to the sheer volume of sites and media that exist today.
  14. Kickoff or Receive?

  15. Be Honest, How Many of You Were Cam Fans When He Was At Auburn?

    Was I a fan of his when he was at Auburn?  Why would I be, don't care a bit about Auburn one way or the other?   Became a fan the minute the Panthers drafted him, and will be long as as he wears a Panthers uniform.