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  1. Minor update on the Manning HGH story

    I dont' buy it.  It's still fug Manning.  My stance may change on Monday. I'll keep you updated :)
  2. Minor update on the Manning HGH story

    Most players that get caught doing drugs are suspended and fans call them stupid.  Manning does it and get called out by a reporter.  Manning and the NFL send "investigators" to the reporter's parents' home(mob move), and no one bats eye. Interesting, and fug Manning
  3. dab on em Greg! oh wait...
  4. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    Prime said Denver's defense looks more ready? On media day?  We talking bout media day. Smh
  5. The first time I watched him play was the sec championship. He did a smooth ball fake and heaved the ball down field for a long completion.  At the time, Jake was getting killed behind our oline. I looked at my friend and said "that's who we need".  
  6. Donald Trump is picking and rooting for the Broncos

    I heard he asked for Star's birth certificate. We are done, son!!!
  7. Mexican and Puerto Rican.  I just wonder how closet racist bring themselves to cheer and help make the people they secretly despise filthy fuging rich. If I was them, I'd only watch rodeos and mud runs. 
  8. I don't know how some of you bring yourself to cheer for the Panthers. Mexican coach and Black QB. Must be rough. 
  9. Sport science: LUKE

    That's probably the closest you can get. In 2 or 3 more years, there'll be no one you can compare them to. IMO, they're already the best. 
  10. Gil Brandt does it again

    anybody who played a madden franchise knew this was coming
  11. Remember when Greg Lloyd was a Panther?

    I like this guy. Tell us more of your thoughts please
  12. Poll for the psl owners sb lottery

    That's kinda rough if you have 4 people and can only take 2
  13. Why the Cardinals Lost

    I think they lost their fire when our O-line punched them in the mouth and Ginn ran circles around their whole defense. Ah well, on to Super Bowl 50 we go
  14. Why the Cardinals Lost

    I was being kind of sarcastic about the splinter, but the rest I actually heard the reporter say word for word