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  1. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/russian-who-operated-pro-gun-group-arrested-for-acting-as-foreign-agent-2018-07-16
  2. stirs

    Brett Kavanaugh to SCOTUS

    Like the NC 12th district? Guess both parties have been in office for a multitude of years and you complain about it now? And, would Mel Watt ever have been a congressman if not for the gerrymandering? Could be that other districts if drawn better could have spread out the AA vote to help more districts, but the other side to that coin is, a Mel Watt might not ever have emerged. Each party has saw benefit in the 12th or it would have been changed.
  3. stirs

    Brett Kavanaugh to SCOTUS

    Then the people will have to vote their interests and elect people who represent them. That is sort of how the constitution was written. The problem is, that the people are stupid and want to stay that way. 30 second ads used to do it, now INTSTAGRAM is all they need to make decisions. Just a few demonizations and you get their vote. But to override the whole voting process by electing judges to give you what you want because you are too lazy to get it through your representative further screws up the system. Your local "representative" is the way to go. Now, if a D or R is bought off, then you have to go elsewhere And as far as the abortion card that is played with regularity in every election and every SCOTUS nomination, just how illegal would it be? Conservatives should probably leave it alone because if it goes back to the states, not telling what will happen, probably much worse. But besides that, Roberts want entertain it and it would probably now be 6-3 in favor that it is precedent.
  4. His Twitter gun is always loaded and we know he has an itchy trigger finger
  5. stirs

    Brett Kavanaugh to SCOTUS

    They are to be champions of the law, not people and not business, the law. Congress writes the laws, they are the "champions". That is why we elect them every 2 years as they are to be close to "the people"
  6. stirs

    Brett Kavanaugh to SCOTUS

    Wow. Walking right wing nut job litmus test.......insert name. Yeah, we heard it all BEFORE any pick was made. This is all just the normal hyperbole. Even Ruth G and A Scalia got about 90 votes in the senate and they were definitely more ideological than most. But things have changed. Everyone is the devil now, everyone. Or so says Fox and MSNBC and CNN. So it must be true
  7. The new offense, the new OC and the new QB/RB/WR looks The rest is just dressing
  8. stirs

    Brett Kavanaugh to SCOTUS

    Probably as close to Kennedy as you will get. Will be a swing vote Lots of conservatives not happy. Replaces Scalia with a conservative similar Replaces Kennedy with a swing guy similar For all the rhetoric, not much changing
  9. stirs

    Peace Corps.........or similar

    We occasionally import items from other countries, so yes. What I was saying was that I have been to several countries on business, but only Puerto Rico for a week (not church sponsored) to do humanitarian work
  10. stirs

    Peace Corps.........or similar

    Everyone is not you We don't take goofy teenagers. They have no clue how to build anything. You sort of talk like a goofy teenager however.
  11. stirs

    Peace Corps.........or similar

    Well, I was just posing the question because everyone seems to think just sending money is better. I would disagree, but as usual, I am in the minority
  12. stirs

    Peace Corps.........or similar

    Okay, so nobody but Philly B has went to another country. But all are ticked that churches do At least CRA has not turned it into a Trump thread.........yet
  13. stirs

    Justice Kennedy announces retirement

    https://theintercept.com/2018/07/08/msnbc-does-not-merely-permit-fabrications-against-democratic-party-critics-it-encourages-and-rewards-them/ You were saying....
  14. stirs

    Peace Corps.........or similar

    So we should drop funding for the Peace Corps?