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  1. Carolina Panthers should be in the business of winning football games. That is their purpose, NOT "paying this or that man" If it works in the context of winning games, then they get paid, if not, they leave. The Redskins have been in the business of "paying all kinds of men" but winning eludes them. Just sayin.....
  2. Brandon Shell OT or Matt Judon DE in the 5th Alex Collins RB in the 7th
  3. Gettleman's biggest weakness IMO

    "Nobody in the league has done a better job" But, he should change and act like everyone else. Great argument
  4. Think Peanut is coming back now?

    He would be a good positional coach, but playing days are done
  5. C-

    Most of the guys in the media are just like most Panther fans. After the first 50 players, they have no clue about anyone. Everyone picked from here on out, except for someone like Connor Cook (who they HAVE heard of) will be an iffy pick. Whoever gets Cook will get an A Daniel Jeremiah and Mayock both do in depth scouting and tapes and interviews with scouts. They get out of the first round, so to speak, and both had high marks for Bradberry. Who cares what your neighbor or any of these quick trigger talking heads have to say about something they have never studied?
  6. Best players left going in to day 3

    Matt Judon
  7. It was Mayock who said that when he got to the East West game, many of the scouts there said to him, "hey, have you seen this kid out of Samford?" He said he has a lot of game and his deep coverage can be iffy, but, he said that Carolina shelters their Corners somewhat by the system they run. He thought he would be great in our system. Big guy that can make plays, should be great in the run game
  8. We got a sleeper

    So, 2 picks left. Judon at top of 5 and RB in the 7th
  9. draftinsider Height: 6-0.5 Weight: 211 40: 4.5 Year: 5Sr James Bradberry School: Samford Position: CB Positive: Four-year starter at cornerback who posted 44 tackles, 2 INT's and 11 PBU's as a senior. Versatile defensive back prospect with outstanding size. Mixes it up with receivers, fights throughout the play and keeps the action in front of him. Quick flipping his hips transitioning off the line, gets his head around and locates the ball in the air. Displays a good burst to the action, knows where the opponent is and works well with safeties. Competitive, does not back down to a challenge and a good open field tackler. Displays good route recognition and remains disciplined in zone coverage. Negative: Deep speed is a concern and struggles staying downfield with opponents. Must improve his backpedal and overall footwork. Occasionally ducks his head tackling. Analysis: Bradberry is a well-built defensive back with ability in press or zone coverage. He has enough size to get consideration at safety and should be a special-teams asset.
  10. Will fit perfectly in our scheme

    Think we have one pick left now
  12. Did Chris Gamble Announce our Pick?

    Not sure why anyone watches ESPN
  13. Just so sad

    Hoping someone else will draft him I guess
  14. We drafted a plumber in the 2nd round

    Smaller school guys like Josh come with the chip on their shoulder built in. Wonder if Gman called him in the toilet?
  15. This might be our round to trade up