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  1. Probably be hard to tell them apart tonight. Trump threatening to sue Cruz over citizenship if he does stop being mean to him. Bush money will dry up if he doesn't do something spectacular tonight, yeah I know. Rubio, without a Bully on the stage, might do okay, but the red is now off his candy. Kasich, will try to be more right leaning tonight, but will probably be on defense most of the night cause he is not far enough Carson will hopefully find the stage before they call his name, but that usually means about 30 mins into the debate, so he should be good.   Audience will be full of donors wanting their investment to pay off.   I look for a mess
  2. Leading from Behind

    Is it a good foreign policy? We obviously don't want to be the sheriff of the world, but is the world better off with us as it's leader than abdicating that position?    
  3. You don't interact with anyone Red, that's the problem. Let's try an experiment. Why don't your respond substantively to the post I made that got you all wound up.  Nanuq can, Teeray can, ABH can, I might not agree with them, but they will have reasons for their side of the argument, way beyond, "you're a racist pc of poo". Then, you can start proving your racist labels rather than just throwing them around saying you "know" it is the case.  And by the way, don't go to the well on the Zimmerman/Trayvon thread, you were proven to be quite inaccurate on that one. Disagreement on something does not make you a racist, or a pedophile, I apologize for that one.  I was in the fly swatting mode.
  4. Matt Kalil to be cut?

    #60 is already better and on our team
  5. Admit it Red, this stuff called "debate" is over your head.  You don't have the capacity to present a side and argue a point.  you have only the name calling in your arsenal.  You never join a debate, your only hope is to derail them so they don't continue to get beyond your grasp. try it sometime, your head will hurt, you won't get much pie, but you might be a better person for it.
  6. Maybe I should start calling you a pedophile, Don't lie to us, you know it is how you feel.  And I don't have to prove it, just like you don't have to prove any of your accusations.  I will keep my nephews away from you cause........well, we all know, you should just come clean.
  7. What you doing this Friday Jr? Long way off I know
  8. The amount of back and forth on these is usually limited to some dumbass statements by TheRed, but I will address you and Teeray as your mental capacity to think and argue a point, at least exists. Yes, there is racism, but it is nowhere near the level it was 60 years ago, yet, the black community is getting further and further away from enjoying what they should be able to as Americans. Unintended Consequences.  That is what I am bringing up.  The government approach to me is insidious to say the least.  It starts as a good idea or intention, but then when it is found out not to work, they won't tweak it, because THEY get more out of it than the black community. Look at China's one child policy for instance.  They thought it was the way to go, but years later, they find they have millions of bachelors due to everyone wanting to carry on the family name, thus aborting females.  Now, they will soon have a qtr of their population retired and not enough people underneath them for support.  When a family loses a child, they have no support. Unintended Consequences. For people than cannot think past this Friday, like TheRed, "racism" is the quick draw cry, it shuts down conversation, keeps the status quo, which is a continued downward trend for the black community, but more importantly, it selfishly keeps his party in power.  Makes you wonder just who has the best interest of the poor in mind. 
  9. Yeah, you have yours, and all you have to do is yell racism, or confederate flag loud enough, and they fall right back in the line for bread and water.  Oh happy day
  10. Wonder what level of poverty and unemployment it will actually take before the African American community open their eyes. The Dems have had them taken for granted and in their hip pocket for 60 years and they continue their slide.  Even after 7 years of the 1st (or 2nd if you consider Clinton) black president and more and more gov programs, their net worth goes down, their poverty and unemployment numbers went way up, yet, all a politician has to do is say "systemic racism" a few times on the stump, and they fall in line once more.  As long as the Dems keep them poor and keep telling them that it is everyone elses fault, then I guess they stick with it. As long as the African American community never gets the idea that their blind faith and allegiance to a party who expects nothing from them in life but their vote, is not working for them, then Dems can just pass off this voting bloc like they have always done. The message that the Dems send to the black community is one of, "you need help, cause you are not as good as everyone else", but they mask it in claims of racism.  Just watch what happens to someone who actually gets off the government provided hamster wheel.  Dems and blacks will excoriate any successful black person who actually "makes it" and turns their nose up at the Gov.  Success and not having a need for gov does not fit the formula.  
  11. Yep, green is their favorite color for sure
  12. Also, how she worships Obama and agrees with Bernie on everything now, but then....... Never met a dollar she didn't like  
  13. My thinking is that Cruz would be such a lightning rod, that he would be the antithesis of Bernie.  His own party would not fully support him much less the Dems.  Trump for all his vulgarities and bravado, would compromise in a minute to get something "done" and thy tell the right that is was a great win.  I don't like Cruz and don't like or trust Trump
  14. Judge chastises racist cop

    It was Cantrell with yet another nickname, he was trolling you lefties, haha.  Or checking on the mods to keep em on their toes
  15. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    we've done this already Jerry cried about it on TV, never will he be brought back