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  1. I am hating the Broncos and that SuperBowl more and more. The whole situation was garbage.
  2. Sterling Shepard Highlights

    Why do Highlight videos always have rap music?
  3. Oops, I did a search for Wendell Williams and nothing came up.
  4. Would be a great Kick returner. He scored 20 times on 104 touches at the University of the Cumberlands!
  5. I guess I needed this while making my post.
  6. edit: Well I guess he will be 25 by day of kickoff. Misleading list is misleading.
  7. Draft a Kicker in the First Round?

  8. Camp would be interesting with Finnegan on him.
  9. Cam newton photo

  10. Gronk

    I personally think it looks like Jersey shore meets Titanic. Possibly NSFW
  11. Yankees say don't be like Cam Newton

    That hurts.