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  1. There are no gimmick games in the NFL. You go in thinking you have the win for sure, you lose..Bucs would love to beat us and makes us miss the playoffs.
  2. Who's "Elite" on this team honestly

    Luke only. This year.
  3. Your favorite RonRon quotes

    Im waiting for "The other team practices too" "Picked a bad day to have a bad day"
  4. Ben McAdoo Has Been Fired

    Elite WRs dont always turn in to wins..
  5. No we need a team and coaching staff that is prepared and ready every game.
  6. CAP should start over J-Stew

    Just in time for a new Hurney contract. Maybe a massive extension will rekindle that Jstew fire????
  7. Play-action to Dickson
  8. seems like this banner is a fail now..Our issues are obviously bigger than Shula.
  9. Some NFL business models do not plan/adjust for winning, they just want to make money. The suckers that continue to fill the seats are enabling him.
  10. Trade deadline thread

    Jarvis Landry is available also
  11. Is Hurney punking the huddle?