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  1. I haven't taken a deep dive in the Eagles moves last year, but they clearly put together a team needed to win. Not sure how you bring in Ajayi and Alshon without doing some damage to your cap in future years.
  2. I say we mortgage the future. Our window to win is right now.
  3. in which we laugh at seahawk fans

    They are going to need a 13th man now.
  4. NFL.com Prospect Grades?

    which chubb?
  5. We have to change the offense. Lesean Mccoy has been a good #1. We cant run up the middle on 1st and 2nd and pass on 3rd all the time now.
  6. Back and forth on Bryant

    Would love Bryant! Dude has superstar written all over him.
  7. Any interest in Revis?

    I did, only because I live in MO. He was quiet there except for the batted ball back to Mariota!
  8. Cut by the Chiefs. Would be a good guy to plug in for a run?
  9. Foles is going to love this when he signs with a new team.
  10. I suppose if my grandpa owned an NFL team, I would probably want to work there also..
  11. I think they trade him. Foles earned the right and the front office will give him a chance to be a starter somewhere.
  12. I hope NBC fires Collinsworth

    It was embarrassing how much he didnt want Ertz TD to be a TD...How is that even close to not being a catch??