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  1. Sanchez back, along with new lb

    Gachkar was a roomate of a buddy of mine while at MU. Says his work ethic is super and should be a solid backup.
  2. Hope you're not serious. KB is not even close.
  3. Martavis is a freak. Big dude with speed! I would love to see him here.
  4. i agree. Right now he is a darren sproles. CMC probably has him on his receiving, but Sproles gets him in the return game.
  5. Canceled NFL Sunday Ticket

    Nice added point to the conversation. Hilltards are still crying over the election. (Do you see how I just reversed your comment with something that was just as intelligent?)
  6. Canceled NFL Sunday Ticket

    Please note that the news report wasnt Alex Jones
  7. Canceled NFL Sunday Ticket

    Yeah, because there is place for an opinion that differs from yours? Where have I heard this before?
  8. Canceled NFL Sunday Ticket

    You may need to look at some other outlets to find smoke. You wont find it on CNN..
  9. Canceled NFL Sunday Ticket

    If you have proof that is true, I absolutely agree with you. Now for your fun, look up Pizza Gate and a child sex slave ring that ties to HC.(Please dont tell me this is immediately false, but the Trump is a rapist claims are true......) I wont even mention Beghazi.
  10. Canceled NFL Sunday Ticket

    Hillary likes polls. Well pre-election day anyways. If any of you think Hillary is/was a better human being that Trump, you are also delusional. Apples to Oranges also applies to them.
  11. Canceled NFL Sunday Ticket

    Nah, I can stream it of off sites. Talk about taking a stand against the NFL! lol