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  1. JStew was robbed

    how dare someone like opera
  2. Lol at People thinking we had a chance
  3. 10 point lead fellas this offense is shut down untill its close again. fug this coaching staff
  4. Pussyfooting around again backed up in or own end zone. These coaches are fuging scared to win a game. Gave them time and then terrible defense. This team gets by on talent, hate it
  5. Rivera and shula are so afraid to won the game always playing scared. Chicken poo
  6. ok, and what would the best rushers be rushing for on this team?
  7. As a fan are you disheartened today?!

    This team is losing me. I had a bad feeling ever since they fired Gettleman and its just looking worse and worse.
  8. Cam's Beef with the Local Media

    Mann..... I just don't care
  9. A Tale of Two Shulas

    Wait.. With Olsen out we are running more 2 Te sets???
  10. About those corners...

    Not keeping who you bring in is wasted resources. You could, say, use that resource to move up in the draft and choose someone you actually really want. He is content at DE and didn't think the rookies available would have any more impact than someone we already have. It wasn't valuable.
  11. good god all you sissies get the fug out of here
  12. I don't really like clicking for each sentence I have to read, reminds me of some clickbait crap. I like the content though.