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  1. David Tepper seems like a guy full of life and energy. Jerry Richardson on the other hand, was an owner who always fell asleep in his private suite during football games.
  2. Malt Liquor

    Cam and Some of the Offense Out Bowling

    Add Dj Moore and Greg Olsen....Killer offense.
  3. I don't hate Bresin. He is a great player for the practice squad.
  4. Malt Liquor

    DJ Moore - Judge For Yourself

    He will be the number one receiver with Funchess the number two. We got CMC and Greg Olsen and new TE. With all the other players. This is the most talented Panthers offense ever. The other side of the ball I can say the same. If we went 11-5 last year. This year sparks the run of our dynasty... Superbowl Champions.. Keep Pounding...Lets go
  5. Malt Liquor

    Carolina Panthers 2018 NFL Draft Grade

    First 4 picks was great. The last 4 was I don't know what the f u c k. We need a linebacker but why 2. And why draft another DT and DE? It's like they celebrated the night before with coke and liquor. Only to wake up the next day in a confused daze. Is JR supplying drugs in the war room?
  6. Malt Liquor

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    CJ Anderson, or DeMarco Murray
  7. Malt Liquor

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    I think after the third round Marty Hurney runs out of gas and says I'm ready for this s h i t to be over. I don't give a f u c k who we pick.
  8. What if Cam and CAP is telling Rivera and Hurney don't bring nobody from Alabama to our backfield?
  9. Only other running backs out there that's worth anything I guess is DeMarco Murray and CJ Anderson.
  10. Malt Liquor

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    We have to pick up another running back if CMC goes down we are f u c ked at that position.
  11. Malt Liquor

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    I love Christian McCaffrey and he has put on some muscle weight. But unless he can get to 225 lbs. He won't last in today's NFL.
  12. Malt Liquor

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    So who is going to be our every down workhorse running back?
  13. These f u c king commercials. Come on with it s h i t.
  14. Let's not forget he used a racist remark in the work place also. Wait for that to come out. It time for Jerry to sale the team.
  15. Malt Liquor

    Does Anthony Miller know something we don't?

    The 2 stands for 2nd round. In which I would be elated.