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  1. Vernon Butler hasn't done chit since we drafted him period.
  2. Malt Liquor


    We need all the offensive weapons as possible. So whats the status on Curtis Samuel? I think the kid can be special if he can stay healthy.
  3. Malt Liquor

    Shaq Thompson

    Shaq, Kueckley, TD is the best package with Mayo rotating in.
  4. Malt Liquor

    So while Tepper’s at it...

    ''the Panthers in their white britches'' what the f u c k is britches?
  5. Malt Liquor

    But he’s such a great leader.....SEA/Wilson

    Russell Wilson will always be a cornball.
  6. Malt Liquor

    Photos: Panthers logo at midfield

    We finally got an owner that care about the fans. The people who put money in his pocket.
  7. Atlanta Failcons. They suck as usual.
  8. Its not going to be a cakewalk but Dak and Zeke will have some rust. They have not played a preseason game this year. Plus it's a home opener. Panthers 34 cowboys 17
  9. Malt Liquor

    Could Saints be trouble this season

    The saints aint s h i t. There is only two great things to ever come out of New Orleans, thats the Mardi Gras, and Lil Wayne. And Lil Weezy dont even like the saints, his favorite team is the packers.
  10. Malt Liquor

    NFL Cuts and Trades

    Unless he can play safety or o-line? No
  11. Malt Liquor

    Bad news on Matt Kalil

    Don't wish an injury on nobody, but Matt Kalil was trash as a LT. Maybe he can play OG or something else. Or as a backup LT just don't start for the Panthers ever again.