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    Saturday Camp thread

    Trauma is a well known trigger for child labor.
  2. tiger7_88

    Saturday Camp thread

    Pepper’s Mom had a helmet? Fug yeah! She probably would have done better than #98 a couple of nights ago.
  3. Also, Hurney should call up the Washington GM and see if he could get any value in trading them CAP now that the RB (Guice) that they drafted went down with an ACL and the #1 guy on their depth chart is 5-8/195 Chris Thompson. This would be beneficial to both the Panthers and CAP because (1) the Panthers would be rid of a running back for which the head coach and the fanbase have utter disrespect and maybe get a draft choice at least equal to or better than the 5th round choice that was used on him and (2) CAP might finally get a fair shot under a new head coach which he has never gotten nor will he ever get under the current Panthers head coach. Would be a win-win.
  4. He should be playing OLB in a 3-4 like Carl Lawson did last year with Cincinnati and not playing as a situational rush DE in a 4-3 40 lbs under ideal size. He will continue to amaze in shorts and shells, but when NFL OTs and TEs and (in the backfield) RB/FBs block him, he's not going to cut it. P.S. Carlton Davis looked like a boss with Tampa in their first pre-season game and all the TB sites say he's pretty much an odds-on starter already. He was chosen 8 picks after Donte Jackson.
  5. Check this piece of poo fantasy fiction out from a Buffalo Bills message board: https://www.twobillsdrive.com/community/topic/207306-caption-this-kb-vs-cam-edition/?do=findComment&comment=5219860 Haaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha... A+ for fictional creativity though.
  6. It could possibly make a difference in moving up a few of picks in, say, (for example) the 4th round if needed to get a better player or a target that has "dropped" and you're afraid they might not "drop" enough to reach you. Just an example... 6th and 7th rounders do have *some* limited utility.
  7. I'm looking forward to Shannon Sharpe's take on this.
  8. Ahhhhh, for the salad days when CAP was getting his yards in preseason games against 3rd stringers and UDFA and we were being told that those performances didn't count because it was against players that "were gonna get cut" and that its what the coaches see every day in practice that counts. Now? It seems that what you do in preseason games against 3rd stringers and UDFAs who are "gonna get cut" that counts and, now that Igo is reporting that CAP is doing very well in practice, what they show every day in practice no longer counts! I am shocked to hear that the people who have hated on CAP since his first day in uniform as a 5th round draft pick have now done a 180 on what "counts" to more easily fit it into their long-held, pre-judged opinion. SHOCKED, I say. (P.S. And by SHOCKED, I mean totally *not* shocked.)
  9. That's not what Rivera does. That's not what Rivera has ever done. He's a stone-zone guy through and through.
  10. Its almost as if you don't play the game in shorts or shells, eh?
  11. That would be the 40-50 lb underweight DE we drafted, I think.
  12. Interesting. And here I thought it was preseason for Buffalo too. I stand corrected.
  13. lol, beautiful stuff by Rivera's Golden Boys and Pampered Babies
  14. Part of Ron Rivera's core philosophy is plodding.
  15. https://www.720pstream.me/buffalo-bills-vs-carolina-panthers-stream Buffalo broadcast though.
  16. Got him in the corn hole?
  17. That wasn't holding, wtf refs?
  18. This is Buffalo coverage, but I'm not missing any of the game. You can try it if you want. http://www.fastestofall.com/panthers-bills/
  19. On just about any team except maybe Philadelphia and GB when they still had Favre/Rodgers, if you lose your #1 you're pretty much done anyway.
  20. Kinda crazy considering how so many drafts as well as Rivera's entire philosophy is to prop up the defense, isn't it?
  21. That was a beautiful behind the shoulder throw to his running back, wasn't it?
  22. Buffalo announcers blaming that on the RB when that pass was behind his shoulder, lol