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  1. tiger7_88

    Voth on DB coach options

    Any coach worth anything currently holding a secure job would be insane to jump into the mystery status of the Panther's organization right now. We'll get a cast-off or a never-been-and-hope.
  2. tiger7_88

    More misconduct in panthers

    If I was a new owner buying a new multi-billion dollar toy, you're damn right I'd be fumigating the Panther's Executive, Administrative, and Management House from top-to-bottom.
  3. tiger7_88

    More misconduct in panthers

    Golly, seems like Head Coach Ron runs as tight a ship as Owner Jerry.
  4. tiger7_88

    Ban Chuck and RetiredFootballCoach?

    Dude, Obama's extreme sense of self-importance and self-regard was RIPE for comedic treatment.
  5. tiger7_88

    Ban Chuck and RetiredFootballCoach?

    I don't understand why people don't just block'em.
  6. tiger7_88


    Poor Brandon Wegher. How quickly we all forget!
  7. tiger7_88

    DB Coach Curtis Fuller Resigns

    Maybe he's related to the now-former Virginia Tech co-defensive coordinator.
  8. tiger7_88


    The Next Great UDFA RB Hope.
  9. tiger7_88

    DB Coach Curtis Fuller Resigns

    Probably looking for a job with more security than a team with a temp one-year derper GM and a derper HC with a new owner coming in. Gettin' while the gettin's good.
  10. Awwwwwwww poor baby. I hope his lawyers are working pro bono cuz he ain’t got a snowballs chance of winning. Just lawfare by losers.
  11. tiger7_88

    Colts releasing RB Matt Jones

    https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/J/JoneMa04.htm 3.9 ypc 1 fumble per 34 rushes/receptions. 1 TD per 39 rushes/receptions. He fumbles more often than he scores.
  12. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000930808/article/2018-nfl-draft-class-power-rankings-teams-2532
  13. tiger7_88

    Panthers make roster moves

    Superb Blow?
  14. So he was successful at his new/old position against the outstanding athletes of Single-A Podunk High School, you’re telling me? I can’t explain in words how reassuring that is.
  15. Would be excellent depth, but not so sure how a guy 2 inches taller than CAP and 5 lbs lighter would be a “hammer”. Unless maybe we have differing definitions of “hammer”.
  16. Not this guy. I expect Hall to be a regular part of the rotation in 2018. Haynes will likely be nigh invisible.
  17. Alex Cappa is a small-school OG. An undersized, quick pass rusher schooled an OG on the edge? Shocking.
  18. Only because @Jangler wore a dress.
  19. Well, yeah, if the facts won't change your mind, nothing will, that's for sure. Does this mean our prom date is off?
  20. tiger7_88

    Panthers sign 7 UDFA

    Another Hurney Swiss Army knife project. Holy poo, a lot of coaching going on for players switching positions in camp this year.
  21. tiger7_88

    Panthers sign 7 UDFA

    Translation: OHMIGOD WE DIDN'T DRAFT A GUARD! Another puzzler. A highly-rated prospect out of high school that never really showed out at the college level.
  22. tiger7_88

    Panthers sign 7 UDFA

    3 inches taller than CAP and weighs 3 lbs less. He sure as hell hasn't been signed to be a power-back. Time to step up, Armah!
  23. So he averages over 4 yards per carry, scores TDs, and catches the ball well when he is given a very few opportunities to start. And he averages over 4 yards per carry on garbage time opportunities as well. But I'm wrong. OK. At least my so-called "agenda" is supported by facts as opposed to y'all on the #CAPSUX Team busy doing your dream-casting and myth-making to create a counter-factual point.