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    I think this is as close to a kumbaya moment as you can get on this forum. Regardless of your political lean, I think everyone agrees there needs to be a shake up the status quo in a good way.
  2. Former Panther Byron Bell Out for the Season

    Ice cream pie for you cause that is cold. hope he recovers and hate any injury that happens to a player.
  3. Cool. J-No showed up for Tolbert's charity event

    Josh is a cool guy. I honestly think he has no animosity towards anyone. He he will probably talk all kinds of junk leading up to and during the skins game but he would probably take a picture with an ex teammates puppy before and after (analogy for context). complements on his positive attitude.
  4. Who Are Your Top 10 Panthers on the Roster?

    Interesting observation is that even though this was the #1 offense last yearthere are only a few considering putting a WR in the top 10. I know Olsen is a mainstay but I just think this speaks volumes regarding the nuances of this offense. Can't wait till September.
  5. Tragic news for Ted Ginn

    Churchill once said the best argument against democracy is a 5 minute conversation with the average voter. Along the same lines, I guess the best argument against the 1st ammendment is douchey post or two like this. Kids getting killed aint funny.
  6. Panama \m/

    This election cycle is like the horror film genre. Everyone is appalled and grossed out by the blood and guts you see from Trump nbut the truly scary stuff is the horror you don't see on the camera but know is irking in the shadows (Hillary and everyone else). Truly have to pick your poison in this one.
  7. Cam gives Stedman (Oprah's Boyfriend) a pair of his shoes.

    Who packs one shoe? I travel a good bit and I can't see how you do that.
  8. Give me your porch drinkin' songs

    Pie for indirect Urban Cowboy reference with Mickey Gilley. Makes me want to down a Luke-warm pull tab Schlitz.
  9. Another Dark Horse UDFA Jared Norris

    Klein is extremely valuable to this team and proved it last year when Luke was out. Magically trading away from just because you have talent can come back to haunt you. While I think G would not scoff at an offer, I can't imagine a real life scenario ( would have to be a player swap with someone to plug in as a stater IMO) where he would do this.
  10. Keyarris Garrett didn't have to choose Carolina, but he did

    I like the stories and backgrounds that come with the UDFA guys. I really hope they can catch on and make it. If not here, then somewhere else. I think folks tend to overlook the impact having one our two guys like this develop into players. I think it's huge and a win/win for the player and the team. Norwell and Philly are great examples. Guys get paid and in return the team has roster spots filled for the foreseeable future without having to overpay market $$$ for a vet to fill the role. That savings goes back to your core or increases your ability to build around it.
  11. The demise of Trump

    The DNC needs a similar kick in the teeth that the pubs are getting with Trump. Regardless of your lean, neither party represents you the voter or look out for your welfare. They simply represent and look out for the party. Trump seems to have broken out of that mold a bit but the Frankenstein he is building and envisioning is far from the ideal scenario for most.
  12. lol at anybody who thinks the world is round.

    Was gonna retire and dig a hole to China In my free time. Guess that poo's out of the question now. Totally bummed.
  13. Jesus loves me this I know. For the Bible tells me so. bible also says let he who is without sin cast the first stone and a lot of other stuff that contradicts these hypocrites I think religion is a great thing. It's the asshole fugs who practice it thatI tend to have problems with.
  14. The Black Luke Kuechly...

    My math is rusty but I think transitive properties state that if Luke Kuechly who is white, is the next white Ray Lewis and Jaylon Smith, who is black, is the next black Luke Kuechly, then it stands to reason that Jaylon Smith is the next Ray Lewis. God, how I love the off season.
  15. Anyone ever cook Sous Vide???

    I'll pass.