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  1. Um.. this is the huddle ... home of : Constant bitching about insert (management, coach, owner)... Whining about players...(not named Luke and after bad games Cam) Torch waving vitriol and whatever national talking head says bad things about us (whether true or not). Hyperbole about whether or not someone should keep their job.... Hopeful Optimism Blatant denial Blind Homerism The people who say I'm not being pessimistic I'm just telling the truth .... Strawman arguments ..... Where to buy cheap jersey's. Gameday threads. Overreaction to in the game day thread The occasional racist remark... The occasional sexist remark.. The overreaction to said remarks.. and polls about pie, jerseys and mid field logos. This is a place for the crazy to voice their inner thoughts so that they don't share them with rational people. I mean , if not for the Huddle..these people would be buying fire Shula banners or something.........oh wait...
  2. I've been worried about Amini since 2013 Was convinced he sucks back in 2015. Now that it's 2018, I am resigned to the fact that we deserve Amini.
  3. Most inspirational panther definitely. Contributed so much to our team identity definitely. 1 of our 5 greatest "players"? I don't see it. TD, Moose, Wesley Walls, imo would go ahead of him as far as on field performance.
  4. You haven't waited to chime in on any of his other moves...why start now?
  5. Yeah, I could see that. However that could be said about most of the Oline. The early season it was also a lot of missed assignments , late movement type errors made him stand out even more. Near the end of the season , wasn't as many of those types of errors at least.
  6. I can see Kalil playing better since he was much better near the end of the year than he was at the beginning. As far as good enough to not worry about it? Not sure. If he can get to blindside level I'll take it. As far as Moton, it's wait and see. I mean the bar is better than Silatolu.......that's a low fugging bar.
  7. Chuck ..yes RCC... don't like a lot of what he says but dissenting views isn't a crime...no matter how stupid they are.
  8. Udogg

    D.J. Moore Log Jam

    Ted Ginn is 33, Torey Smtih is 29. I know what a difference Ted Ginn made to our offense at age 30.
  9. Udogg

    D.J. Moore Log Jam

    Wouldn't be concerned about a April/May depth chart. If this was August then yeah.
  10. Udogg

    So what scouts do we have

    Those grades are always horrendous. They are never an accurate representation and 5 years down the road, most of the "A" are closer to D's or F's. Look at the Saints ratings last year after the draft. No one knows because drafting is only 1 part of the equation. Coaching, or better yet the ability to scheme the talent you have into winning situations is mostly what it comes down to. Physical talent and ability is of course a huge part, but it's all a bunch of educated guesses and the "scouts" get just as many wrong as right.
  11. Udogg

    Theory about Lamar Jackson

    He tricked the Ravens into selecting a good QB!!!! That dastardly Belichek!!!
  12. Use a scarf. ..ropes leave really bad scars