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  1. Udogg

    We need TD back.

    Nope..think 4 games and not 4 weeks.. so still has to sit 1 more I thinks
  2. Udogg

    McCaffery's pace

    Think that kind of happened today. Went from 14 catches to 2. I'm sure people were expecting more CMC catching than running.
  3. Lol..and 4 out of 5 on our OL weren't starting the season. 1 wasn't even in training camp. Plus we have a new OC. We will see in time what everyone looks like. I mean Vic Beasley looked like a good DE at one time too right?
  4. When we start throwing to Moore then we can make a judgement. But 2 passes a game... if that. Right now Ridley is playing well. So as of right now he is the better WR. Also having Julio Jones blackholing coverages helps.
  5. Expecting a safety to cover a WR on a QB scramble for that long is insane. This one is not on Colin... the other ones.. ok .. but not this one.
  6. I'm all for Shaq taking the mantle etc..etc... But he keeps making the same mistakes over and over. Mayo .. I can understand.. but this is unacceptable. As of right now... we need TD.
  7. I pity most of you. Dukes = Yeah it's alright for some things. Hellmanns = If it's buy 1 get 3 Free, buy something else. Kraft = Since you are using your EBT card. Blue Plate = better than any mayonaise you ever had. Miracle Whip = It's Miracle Whip. It's an acquired taste for refined pallets. Most of you troglodytes can't appreciate it's goodness.
  8. Udogg

    Run game

    I'm not sure. Because of the way we play i.e. Slow as fug, It's not going to be a lot of carries regardless. I think more of the intermediate passes will be available this week because of all the checkdowns to CMC we have used at the start. Teams are going to get tired of giving a free 5-10 yards every checkdown. We are averaging 5 yards per carry rushing this year and it's not smoke and mirrors with Cam average 8 yards and everyone else averaging 3.8. However teams are still box stacking unless we are in obvious pass situations. Single high safety is the predominate coverage and unless we show we consistently beat people on it, I don't see us being successful with he ole ground and pound. I'm thinking 45% run 55 % pass. Unfortunately I think Cam is still going to be our leading rusher this game.
  9. If Sunday was any indication of Shaqs time.. .. I can wait a little longer.
  10. The fact they were averaging 7+ yards per rush didn't help. The run hurt us early which made the PA way more effective. Good run games slow pass rush.
  11. Legion of Boom +Beast Mode + Russell Wilson >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Russell Wilson.
  12. Once again and for me personally the last time I will say it... It wasn't all Shula's fault. Mostly.. I won't argue that. But it was a combination of play calling, personnel(huge), coaching philosophy (i think most of us see this now), and injuries. What has improved drastically are both the overall run efficiency and Cams taking the short passes. I think Norv still needs to call plays, then analyze what we do well or don't. Look at what has worked and basically self scout. I mean it's like getting anything new, it takes a while to get to know it.
  13. Udogg

    This Loss is on Ron

    Can't stop the run. That what killed us against the Saints regular season last year. Killed us against the Falcons today.