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  1. 2015 Panthers Highlight (Must Watch)

    @Lilsmitty09 yo can you make a highlight tape of Kawann Short, our 11 sack DT?
  2. Graham Gano reveals he rejected Man United as a youth

    Soccer sucks field fairies
  3. Can i be apart of this? i have $10
  4. All the respect in the world but im just morbidly curious tbh.. is ray curruths son the way he is because of the attempt to abort him, or was this already a factor?
  5. Years of suckage brought us Cam and this regime wouldnt trade that have had a little bit more success in the past
  6. Rookie Camp - Need your input

    Rookie camp rookie
  7. Rookie Camp - Need your input

    I agree Bradberry Worley Sanchez Im guessing Dline wont be showing much.. I wana see these young guys in action. plus if theres 7 on 7 or some kind of competition with the WRs n DBs we can see Garrett as well but DBs
  8. Slightly upset we didnt use our picks on a guy we got as a UDFA? what?
  9. Madden 17 Carolina Panthers Ratings

    Hes currently 98 ovr on madden 16 he doesnt do them anymore
  10. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    The highlight tape above showed several interceptions i have a feeling he was just filling his role the way he was expected to do at Duke. Wasnt asked to drop back too much. I expect pur teachers and Rivera to put this guy in good position to make a play on the ball his instincts are through the roof
  11. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    Hes 211 quit skewing numbers to support your argument give him a season and he will bulk up to LB size
  12. Edmund Kugbila making a comeback

    Hes a pussy